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Pizza Hut: Cheeseburger or Pizza?

I bet, some of you having a hard time, like me, to choose between the two. It was like choosing between good vs. good, yummy vs. yummy and great vs. great. Arghhh.. What a tough decision to make, indeed!

But hey, Pizza Hut listen to our agony with regards on this, thus, choose-no-more with the new "OUT OF THIS WORLD" CHEESEBURGER PIZZA! Pizza Hut has come up with the solution to this perrenial problem that has confronted families and friends that eat out, with the touchdown of the Pizza Hut’s new Cheeseburger Pizza! Now, you can have the best of both worlds!

Last Thursday (May 16), Pizza Hut launched this new "Out of this world" Pizza at the recent block screening of Star Trek: Into the Darkness held at the Gateway Cinema, Gateway Mall Araneta Center. Combining the familiar and well-loved juicy taste of cheeseburger and the cheese-y overload appeal of Pizza Hut’s pizza, the innovative and unique Cheeseburger Pizza is the most exciting product that has burst on the Philippine food scene. Everyone was delighted by the pizza’s “space-ship” shape with its 8 edges bulging with luscious burger patties. This certainly added up to the extremely appetizing appeal of the pizza at first glance.

Pizza Hut: Cheeseburger or Pizza?

Adding to their galactic glee was the realization that Pizza Hut’s Cheeseburger Pizza comes in BLT (Bacon Lettuce and Cheese) and BCL (Bacon Cheeseburger Lovers) or with any of your favorite pizza toppings! They were not surprised however, that Pizza Hut would come out with such an innovative concept of “pizza and burger in one” because the company has long been associated with innovative products such as the Stuffed Crust Pizza. We raved about the thickness of the crust at the edge of the pizza, which is not overwhelming but “just right,” the burger patty stuffing at the edge of the pizza was “simply excellent and really out of this world.”

Pizza Hut’s Cheeseburger Pizza – its burger and pizza that can blast your taste buds into the final frontier. Well, seems like you are already curious about this new offering well, Pizza Hut’s Cheeseburger Pizza can be also be enjoyed in Big Group dine-in meal bundles such as Family Feast for 4 at P799 and Party Feast for 8 at P1,399 or ordered for delivery through Pizza Hut's hotline 911-1111.

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