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Laguna | Roadtrip to Nuvali

I've been to Nuvali, Laguna for several times, but I haven’t really got a chance to explore the place not until last Saturday when Friends and I decided to have a road trip and Nuvali was one of our destinations. My first visit in Nuvali was during the bird watching at Nuvali’s Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary held by them. That time I was invited as a blogger to blog that one-of-a-kind experience (read here).  After that, Nuvali for me is one of the places that we have to pass by when we are going to Tagaytay.

9am. Calltime. RCBC Plaza. Meeting Place. But due to heavy traffic along EDSA as early as 10am, we reached Makati City at almost 12:30pm. If we only knew that the heavy traffic would start at Kamuning flyover to Boni, then we should re-routed to Manila and avoid EDSA. Well, one of the shunless things that we couldn't predict.

Not moving. Argggh.

When the gang kept calling us, we also kept telling them that we were at Guadalupe. Ha-ha. We’re just trying to insert some humor during those times that we can’t do anything but to laugh. Oh well, the main reason of the heavy traffic was because of the deep excavation at Boni, so from 4 lanes down to 2 lanes thus, the traffic it caused was insane!

After we passed by on that nuisance on the road, hello to roomy EDSA. Well, there is always a rainbow after the rain ‘coz look even Mr. Sunshine shines so bright that day, a perfect weather for our road trip. Hooray!

Hello Nuvali, a nature-inspired community where you can really relax and unwind and to have some fun. Since we were not yet decided on where to eat, we opted first for some photo-ops.

Love the pocketful-of-sunshine weather at that time! Awesome!

We’re looking for a restaurant that is not yet in the Metro. We decided to pig out at Pig-out for us to try what they store for us. Hmmm…

 Rice with chicharong bulaklak, crispy pata, bistek tagalog, sizzling sisig, 3 unlimited iced tea & Grape Shake (which is not in the photo).

Everything were good, all the foods that we ordered were superb and sumptuous. The bistek tagalog was like a bacon strips, it tasted delicious though, while the sizzling sisigwas one-of-a-kind (beer please!). However, the unlimited iced-tea tasted bland, just like an ordinary.

Time to bill-out. A total of P2,728 for all the foods that we ate including service charge. By the way, ambiance and service were a two thumps-up! I’m so grateful that I am surrounded with good friends. To whom you can be as transparent as you are and did some hilarious and awful things without any pretentions.  Here, after we passed the bill to everybody, M teased Y.

More photo-ops.

One thing that I also love about road trips is that you gotta know the personality of your friends. They jam-packed you with their hugs and kisses, and loves you ‘til eternity.

When we were about to live, we’ve seen the Nuvali’s mini bus parked on the sidewalk. It tours their guests around Nuvali just for only P10/head. It’s only P10 that’s why we tried it. We’re just like a kid having a field trip. Cool! If you’re looking a place that very much accessible from Metro Manila where you can relax and unleashed negative vibes, a soul-searching perhaps, then I would suggest Nuvali. A 2-hour drive from Metro Manila, where you can breathe fresh air, pig-out with the great atmosphere of nature and of course, do some shopping.

Oh well, in every getaways there was somehow misadventures. This was what we got when we returned to the parking – flat tire. Good thing, K has an extra tire, always. Thank you to Kuya who lend us some tools and helped us fix it.

We also visited the newly-opened wake boarding (similar with Cam Sur’s wake boarding) of Nuvali – a 5-km away from the main attraction of Nuvali, where food stalls, picnic areas and fish pond located. For 250/hr entrance you've got to try this.

It was near dusk when we decided to go to Tagaytay but before we start another road trip we look first for a vulcanizing shop on which M received a call/message from his wife that he needs to go home already ‘coz his son is sick. Looking at the bright side, maybe someone up there is giving us hint to cancel our getaway to Tagaytay – from flat tire to M’s son being sick.

So, we had a simple dinner at M’s house, chill out, talk for a while, ate an ice cream. At 10pm, we capped the trip off since K had to drive home way up to North (Quezon City). Well, a trip can’t be complete without having a girl’s talk. Thus, Y, J, K and I stayed for a while in Starbucks, Santana Grove to catch up on things and whereabouts of our lives.

Located at Sta. Rosa, Calamba
and the Municipality of Cabuyao in Laguna.

Hugs & Kisses,
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  1. good times!♥


  2. woah i want to go here! nice shots :) mind if i ask what camera or phone you are using? thanks ;)

    ~ Punky Bunny xoxo

  3. Hi Amz88! For these set of photos I used my Samsung Galaxy III and edited them on Lightroom. (^_^)

  4. Looks like a great place for weekend getaway with friends. I know you really had a great time in there! :)

    1. Yeah, I did and looking forward for more getaways with friends. <3


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