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[Photo Diary] - J.CO Doughnuts

Friends and I love to hangout in Greenbelt after office hours to chill and have a food trip in an hour or two, well, before we go home. It's been a part of our weekly routine. And with that routine, J.Co has been a part of it. If you follow me on instagram (@aylin_tdp), I bet, you would have seen my post about me and my friends having a great time at J.Co, Greenbelt 3, Makati City. To break the record, Friend J and I, finished the 1 dozen (the above photo) in just a matter of less than an hour. This was last Thursday. Ha-ha.

Meanwhile, J.Co at Greenbelt 3 branch is also a great place to stay since they do have free WiFi wherein every week it changes its password. To give you a hint password comes from their donuts name - green tease, oreology & why nut were some of them. (^_^) 
Sharing the J.Co Doughnut way! And my favorite flavors are:

Why Nut
Avocado Dicaprio
Creme La Fame


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