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Fabulous Restaurants You Can Access around the Beach

Racing brings many people to Daytona Beach. You can even drive on the beach without racing during certain hours of the day. If you want a break from the fast speeds and loud sounds, go down the road a bit and you will find a beautiful beach where no vehicles are allowed.  The beach is pristine, serene, clean, and beautiful. Ormond Beach restaurants, historical places, scenic drives, parks, golfing, museums, churches, art centers, fishing, gardens, sports facilities, bowling, and of course the beach, make this area a great place for the whole family to have fun and relax.

Seafood Restaurants and Bistros

There are restaurants for every food craving anyone might have. There are seafood grills, grills and taverns, Italian food, bistros, Japanese food, Thai food, and sushi. They serve local seafood straight from the fisherman’s boats. From the seafood restaurants, you can expect lobster, orange roughy, salmon, shrimp, mussels, crab, haddock, grouper, mahi mahi, tilapia, scallops, and clams, all cooked to perfection.  The lunch menu at the bistro includes crab cakes, mushroom stacks, bruschetta, fondita, quesadillas and wraps, soup, quiche, sandwiches, salads, and burgers. You can get all these items at dinner as well. There is outside seating at some of the restaurants, along with inside seating. On a beautiful sunny day, there’s nothing better than eating your meal outside.

Thai and Japanese Restaurants

At the Thai restaurants, you can get chicken curry, sweet and sour pork, chicken or shrimp, Prig Khing chicken, Panang chicken, ginger chicken, shrimp curry, squid broccoli, fancy lobster, massaman curry, Shu Shi shrimp, Pad Thai with the addons of your choice, Rad Nar, Pad Ba Mee, Pad See Ew, fried rice of all combinations, spring rolls, Mee Krob, dumplings, and chicken wings. At the Japanese restaurants, they have sushi. Single-piece sushi, cone-shaped hand rolls, 6-piece rolls, and sushi dinners are available. They also have Teppanyaki. After eating at one of the many fabulous Ormond Beach restaurants, you can take a stroll along the beach and watch the sunset as the waves lap at your feet. After you are fed, rested, and rejuvenated, you can head back to Daytona Beach and enjoy all of the excitement it has to offer.


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