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How You Can Use a Limousine Service

Someone gave you a gift card for a Chicago limousine service and you are so excited at the possibilities of how you could use it. The last time you were in a limousine was in high school for the senior prom. You and a bunch of your friends pooled your money and hired a limousine driver to take you to dinner before the dance, take you to the dance, and pick you up and take you all home from the dance. It was a blast and you all had the time of your life.

Weddings, Parties, and Airports

Now that you are older, the possibilities of what to do with a limo are really too many to choose from. You have a friend that is getting married and you could offer the gift card to her. Your favorite professional basketball team is having their next game at home and you could use the limousine service to pick all your friends up and take them to and from the game. There are those people who rent a limousine for a night on the town and have the driver on call to take them wherever they want to go. That is a very tempting option. Your girlfriend is flying back from a business trip and you know she would be impressed if you had a limousine waiting for her at the curb. You can see her face when she realizes that the limousine driver is holding a sign up with her name on it when she leaves the baggage claim area.

Bachelor Parties and Fabulous Dates

And then there is the bachelor party your friend is planning for one of your mutual friends in a few weeks. You could combine dinner, drinks, party, a movie, more drinks, and no one would have to drive anywhere. Sounds like a pretty smart idea. But then, there is the amazing and unforgettable date you could take your girlfriend on after she gets back from her trip that would involve picking her up in the Chicago limousine, driving a distance to a fabulous restaurant, and then taking the long way home after your incredible meal. You are pretty sure you could make some memories with that one, as well as some points.

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