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Kimono Ken, 食べよう!

Let’s eat! When it comes to Kani Salad, Kimono Ken is one of the best Japanese restaurants that offer sumptuous and authentic Japanese foods at a reasonable price. I’ve known this restaurant years ago when my soon-to-be-mother-in-law brought home Kani Salad. I am not fond of eating this kind of salad but not until the time I’ve tasted it. Kimono Ken offers an exceptionally delicious tasting salad that comes out with an highly authentic and flavorful dressing.
In line with this, when a co-blogger A invited me over on a pig-out session of Eat's-A-Date courtesy of Open Rice, without a second thought I said YES! It’s been a while since the last time I eat there, and the first thing that came out to my mind was that – I am going to eat again mouthwatering Kani salad, and of course, I’m going to try the other dishes.

Kimono Ken is located at the 5thlevel of The Podium mall, right beside the cinema. Well, situated in a not-so-crowded mall, Kimono Ken still has a number of customers that intentionally go to the mall just to dine there, and I must say I am one of those.

During the splendid eating session with some co-bloggers and open-ricers, Kimono Ken served us the following dishes that actually made us full - a happy tummy indeed! Ms. Emylou Tribiana, the Corporate Marketing of Kimono Ken brought us into a splendid afternoon full of fantastic Japanese foods that Kimono Ken offers. To start with, kindly read on.

Gyoza (P150.00). Gyoza is the Japanese style dumplings and perfect for an appetizer. It boosts your appetite to be ready on the heavier meal on our table. A word of caution though, 2-3 is more than enough to start a burning appetite, the serving is also good for sharing.

Soboro Pork (P220). Rice bowl topped with sweet Soboro Pork that is perfect for lunch. The added fresh egg on top of it added a twist and complements the taste of the dish that has a special sauce.

Futo Maki (P150) & Gomoku Ramen (P240). Well for me, these are a perfect combo! A salt-based soup with mixed seafood, chicken and vegetables did the trick of giving you the Japanese vibe food.

Kani Salad (P200). My favorite! It is composed of crabstick, lettuce and cucumber with tobiko in Japanese mayonnaise. A two or three of these are more than enough for me. So, if you are on the look out of the best Kani Salad in the metro, better try this out, and I guess, you’ll love this as much as I do.

Ebi Tempura (I think it ranges from P150-P250). When it comes to a Japanese restaurant Tempura is a must for every diners. Perfectly cooked and their version of tempura is really enjoyable, it is delicious and appetizing.

And here are the latest additional dishes from their mouthwatering menu – Spam Maki & Asparagus Pasta – on which I forgot to take the prices, but roughly they are around P200 – P250 per serving.

Spam Maki. Who would not love Spam? Whether for a breakfast, sandwich spread or even for snack (Yes, Snack! Ha-ha). We all love spam. Thus, including this on their menu is a big plus not just for adults but also for the kids.

And here’s another must-try! If you want some creamy with a twist of Asparagus, then you better try Asparagus Pasta with bacon bits, asparagus in a creamy white sauce. Hey, hey Carbonara lovers, hers another option for all the white sauce fans. (Count me in!)

To complete the meal, we had Green Tea Ice Cream with Green Tea Jelly and Coffee Jelly Ice Cream. I’ll be biased here ‘coz I love Green Tea thus, when I have to choose what I like the most between the two I’ll probably choose without even blinking Green Tea Jelly Ice Cream! It certainly tasted green tea the jelly is made of green tea and the ice cream on top of it complements the taste, it does add sweetness on the dessert. But for coffee lovers, I know Coffee Jelly Ice cream is also a winner, it immensely awakens your sleepy senses.

And last but not the least, the thirst quenchers – Grape Fresh Fruit Shakes and Kimono Ken’s Special. I had the Kimono Ken’s Special and it tastes like four seasons but way better perhaps because it is specially blended mixed fruit juices.

My verdict: It was an awesome lunch over a great group of people that have one passion – eating! The ambiance is great and relaxing and cozy! The foods were sumptuous and flavorful. And of course Kani Salad is still my favorite, and added to the list are Asparagus Pasta and Spam Maki. Looking forward on the next food trip in Kimono Ken, well, I’m planning to try other branch for me to try and look if the quality is the same.

Kimono Ken
5th Level The Podium
18 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Opens at 10am - 9pm (mall hours)
Budget: P200 per person

Happy Eating. Live more! 
(All photos were captured using Samsung Galaxy III and enhanced through Lightroom)

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