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A Mexican Restaurant Provides a Taste of Culture

America is a wonderful melting pot of cultures. Nowhere is this seen more brilliantly than in the variety of ethnic restaurants and foods spread across the country. As people from other countries have moved here, many of them decided to earn money doing something that others can’t do for themselves—make traditional meals from their home countries. While this is economically savvy for immigrants, it truly provides a service to those around them. Now people who live in the United States have the option to learn about and experience many other cultures by eating out at a variety places, such as a Mexican restaurant. At these restaurants, the ambience and food combine to give people a small taste of the life and ways of traditional and modern Mexico.

Ambience can be defined as the mood, feeling, or atmosphere of a place or situation. Many restaurants work hard to create a fun, exciting, and pleasant atmosphere for customers. Mexican eatery decorators have a lot to pull from, as the bright colors, pictures, tiles, and artifacts that Mexico is known for are easily used to create positive ambience. Often, restaurants will have fun tiles on the tabletops, pictures of rural Mexico and its inhabitants, and different foods, such as chiles, hanging on the walls. The music in Mexican restaurants adds a lot to the mood and makes the entire experience so wonderful that people always want to go back.

When people think of Mexican food, they often think only as far as burritos, tacos, and quesadillas. However, if you go to a Mexican restaurant, you will often find much more variety and spice. Some lesser known, but delicious Mexican dishes are chile rellenos, huevos rancheros, and carne asada. Chile rellenos are chiles stuffed with a variety of foods and always include lots of cheese. Huevos rancheros are eggs served in a traditional Mexican style. They are fried and served over corn tortillas with lots of salsa. Carne asada just means “roasted meat” and is full of flavor and, if prepared well, is moist and tender. These ethnic restaurants offer many choices and help people get a taste of a culture that differs from their own.

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