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Hotel Staycation: InterContinental Hotel Manila – Day 2

 As I continue my story (Day 1, posted here) on what had happened during our stay in InterContinental Hotel Manila for our lavish stay, here’s our Day 2.

Good morning Sunshine! Wakey-wakey. At 8:00am we got up and fixed ourselves for our buffet breakfast and since the room is only good for 2, thus the breakfast, we paid for extra 2 persons for P1,316 each. Pricey though, but the thinking of we will having a breakfast together what matters most that no amount of penny can buy.

The Cafe Jeepney caters different cuisines, from Japanese foods (sushi and maki) to American foods (bagel, bread, cornflakes & etc.) to Filipino dishes. Well, for that price, the buffet breakfast was not worth it. Yeah, it does cater different variants but of limited choices and the taste was not that delectable. If I would rate it, it’s just an A-OK or So-so and I would not recommend it either.  Practically speaking, your P1,316 can already have a sumptuous meal from a fine dining restaurant nearby. Good thing, they had fresh fruits and fresh fruit juices, plus the staffs were so accommodating and friendly, it made my breakfast anyway.

Moving forward, after a great inspiring and uplifting talks that we had over breakfast, we headed back to our room and did some product shoot for our accessory/apparel brand Classioré, aside from unwinding and celebrating a victorious days during the Super Sale Bazaar, another reasons why we have to had a hotel staycation. We found InterContinental Hotel a classy place for our classy accessories and items. Photos were captured by our dear friend Andrej, who’s always been supportive on our escapades and whatnots. Thank you!

from left to right: yours truly, Aix, Yani & Kae
wearing: Classioré denim top, belt & necklace, Tomato watch & loafers, Penshoppe denim jeans

After the shoot, we called our friend Neil to come over and have lunch with us which he agreed and after an hour, he’s already knocking on the door. Over our sumptuous lunch at Buddy’s where we ordered Longganisang Lucban, Pancit Habhab, Fresh Lumpia and Cassava Cakes we decided to spend another night in the hotel! Yeah, another night for us because we are not yet able to swim in the hotel’s swimming pool due to some hectic schedule (hmmm… laying down in the soft bed and cuddling with the huggable pillows means hectic sched) Ha-ha. Well, that’s hotel staycation was all about – relaxing and just by doing nothing!

At 4pm, we went back to our room and requested to be transferred to another room because of the messy room that we had. Instead of having housekeeping we insist to transfer us to other room. We were just acting maarte and looking forward to have the best stay that we could ever have. Time to rest for a while and did some photo ops while me, updating my blog and whereabout.

Time for dinner! We were still full from our late lunch in Buddy’s thus we opted for light meal and since it’s our 2nd night we decided to drink. Yani and Andrej bought some Tous Les Jours breads and pastries at Greenbelt and red wines at SM Supermarket. One thing we loved about InterContinental Hotel was that malls and supermarkets are its neighborhood. So you can just go down, cross the street and there you go.

This wine tastes sooo good - sweet! My new favorite. 
So that’s it for our Day 2. Cheers! Good night Darlings! Day 3 (more of swimming) up next so please stays tuned.

Hugs & Kisses,
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