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Accessory Trends: Princess Crown Rings and More

The clothes we wear and accessories we use say a lot about us. If you wear a thin, feminine watch, you are probably practical and simple. If you wear a large ring or other jewelry that pops, you probably want a little more attention. Read on for more information about current accessory trends, including clutches, necklaces, and princess crown rings.

Carry a Clutch
It is currently in fashion to have a handheld clutch with you. Big, bulky purses are for moms anyway, right? Depending on what you’re going for and what you need to carry, these little wallets can make a big statement. A clutch in your favorite color, accented with studs that match your jewelry or other parts of your outfit may be the finishing touch for your getup. Some clutches are more complex and elaborate, having embroidery or metal accents on it in various patterns to match your personality. Animal skins and patterns can also draw a lot of attention. These little bags can carry your essentials like your license, credit cards, cell phone, and some touch-up makeup.

Wear a Necklace
Necklaces are great because they come in many lengths, colors, and designs, meaning you can dress it up or take it down a notch just with this one accessory. If the neckline of your shirt or dress is low, you may want to wear a shorter-length necklace with a big chain. Currently, classic-looking pieces as well as Bohemian pieces are in style. Those that look like they are from the ‘20s era or that Cleopatra would have worn are acceptable accessories right now.

Rock a Ring
Whether you’re holding a cell phone or telling a story, your hands are constantly visible. People notice the things you wear on your fingers and wrists. Current trends dictate that the bigger and shinier, the better. As charms and focal points go, owls are making a strong entry on the jewelry scene, showing up on earrings, necklaces, and rings. You may also look into certain shapes like a mustache ring or a princess crown ring. Whatever you choose to accessorize with, be sure it makes the statement you desire and attracts the amount of attention you want.
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