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Be an Entrepreneur with Stallmart’s Food Franchising Business

 Did you know that for as low as P50,000 you can be an entrepreneur? Yeah! Stallmart Inc. made it possible. Stallmart Inc. established by the group of experts in 2012 and the brain behind more than 30 years, and still counting, success of Mister Donut. The company was founded to address the growing demand for high-profit-low-investment businesses such as stalls and kiosks. That’s why for as low as P50,000 you can start and run your own business.

Meanwhile, Stallmart Inc. held a bloggers conference few weeks ago and Bubbly Fluffy was one of the invited bloggers to be part of that blog-con. It was an awesome afternoon of learning and motivation on how to put up your own kiosk without any hassle at all as their creative and innovative ideas always comes up with a success. Michelle Pino, Senior Franchising and Key Accounts Operations Manager, shared how interesting and affordable Stallmart’s food carts and kiosks were, on which you can place anywhere – bazaars, events, LRT & MRT stations, malls and even on a street where a huge number of passerby can be seen.

Franchising is a big trend in local entrepreneurship and this is apparent with the influx of different franchise brands in the Philippines. There are quite a few benefits to franchising as opposed to starting a business venture from scratch. First on the list, of course, is name recognition. As seen especially in monopolies such as the food industry wherein numerous players in the market offer generally the same products, consumers tend to gravitate towards brands that are familiar to them.

In light of this, Stallmart recently launched three new food cart brands—ThirTea, Fold N’ Roll, and Little Mexico to help entrepreneurs enter the food cart business.

ThirTea aims to provide the best milk tea experience especially for consumers’ on-the-go, offering pocket-friendly milk variants. Thir-tea because for as low as P35 you can have your fad and thirst-quencher tea, a healthier alternative to coffee. Winter melon and Taro milk tea flavors are also available.

Stallmart Inc. also offers Fold N’ Roll, the New York-style folded pizza version. Now, you can taste the famous folded pizza at a very affordable price and variety of flavors is also available.

 Little Mexico, on the other hand, brings a taste of Mexico through bite-sized tacos, nachos, and burritos which to be launched early next year, drafting it on the first quarter of the year, because as of now, they are still on the food-tasting phase just to ensure that they will provide the best quality taste tacos, nachos and burritos. Just to add, we also tried these and I can say that the salsa was flavorful.  
 Meanwhile, Stallmart’s known and popular food cart like Siomai Central and Tik-Tok are can be seen around the metro.
 Siomai Central food cart has a beautiful design, it was like a temple.

One of the Tik-tok’s food carts is in MRT Ayala Station. So if you notice a long line, well, better to take a look at it as it is not for MRT Tickets but people who wanted to savor Tik-Tok foods where you can have it for as low as P10.

I wish I’m able to enlighten you with how Stallmart Inc. able to provide an affordable food carts and kiosks with high return of investment. 

To date, Stallmart has over 90 franchised stores and continues to add more outlets. For more information, visit you may reach us at (02) 370-1236 or

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