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How to Eat Healthy when You’re Eating Out

Eating out doesn’t mean that you need to eat unhealthy. Fresh, healthy entrees are often packed with flavor, can help to trim your waistline, and will leave you feeling great. Take a look at sites like for information on how certain restaurants can help you to eat better by cooking with fresh, natural ingredients. There are also a number of simple things to keep in mind the next time you are eating out.

Choose Your Meal Beforehand
Look up the restaurant’s menu online before you go so that you can find the best option for your diet and to make sure you don’t get swayed by words like “fried, alfredo, gravy, and parmesan” once you are at the restaurant. Choose menu options that rely primarily on ingredients like olive oil, fresh herbs, and seasonal ingredients for more flavor without the calories. Items that are laden with butter or cream can quickly pack on the calories.

Try Vegetarian
If you don’t normally eat vegetarian cuisine, consider giving it a try the next time you eat out. Many people feel nervous about cooking and experimenting with vegetarian ingredients, so have a pro do it for you. Having a chef passionately create a vegetarian or vegan dish for you can be a unique culinary experience and allow you to eat more vegetables and whole foods. Seafood is also a healthier option and can reduce your intake of fattier, higher calorie foods like pork and red meat.

Drink Water or Wine
Many people don’t realize how much of their calorie intake is due to liquid calories. Stick to water or one glass of wine to reduce your calorie intake and give your body a healthy boost. This is especially the case if you will be ordering dessert. Spending 100 calories or more on a beverage can make a big difference when you are planning on eating dessert as well.

Look for Authentic Cuisine

Enjoy unique creations made of fresh, whole foods at your favorite restaurant. Look for authentic cuisine, like that found on These restaurants tend to rely less on preservatives and artificial ingredients and more on natural produce and herbs.

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