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Sykes Give Thanks and Shares Blessing before 2013 Ends!

I can already feel Christmas because Christmas parties from left to right, back and forth are happening all over the world. Last night, I attended another year-end party held in SMX Convention Ground Floor as Sykes celebrated their 2013 milestones through a Coachella-themed party where employees from their 6 sites here in the Metro were gathered to enjoy and fantastic party full of hope, love and music. An indoor venue that turned its guests to an untamed ones who scream and shout their lungs out to the harmony of the upbeat songs while having a carefree, fun ambiance.

Sykes exists for 15 years already giving an admirable quality customer service in the world which have shown to the industry being the pioneer in the call center industry. Moreover, employees are also talented that they have their own musical group like Crimson n’ Claire and Misc All-Stars, which come from the different department and location of Sykes Philippines. These talented groups set the mood of guests to dance. Well, an opening program was come from the STOMP dancers that uplift and boost the positive vibes and gave us energy that night. Please do watch the video below to know what I’m talking about and be captivated.

After that awesome performance, Mr. Dean Van Ormer, Vice-president for Philippine Operations, took the stage to give thanks to the 7000+ SYKESers. 

 Mr. Dean Van Ormer

He admired the magnificent passion in and out of work of everyone, the reason behind having a fabulous 2013. Plus, he also announced the launching of their Glorietta site being the first call center office that offers high-supportive facilities from the lighting, the chairs downright to the design which is a product of commitment to excellence, hard work and dedication of SYKESers. In addition to that, Mr. Van Omer also thanked everyone for they have raised more than 2 Million pesos to help restore the provinces of Tacloban, Leyte and Samar who are victims of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

Meanwhile, loyalty awards were also given to those employees who celebrated their 10th and 15th year anniversary being with Sykes. Who would have thought that a call center industry would have such tenured employees? Well, I admit, I never thought that BPO Company is also a place where you can find your career path. I just thought that it is just a “come and go” industry wherein employees are coming in and yet keep going out, and they only render 6 months to 1 year of work. I’m glad that I was enlightened with this.

 Hosted by Kat Alano and Drew Arellano.

As the party going, to provide the best to its employees and guests with their Music Festival Year End Party, Sykes also gathered well-known and best of the best musical groups in the country such as Up Dharma Down as a start of the line-up, followed by Kamikazee, then a soothing voice of Ebe Dancel that serenades the crowd, Save Me Hollywood and Itchyworms for closing the night with feel good songs.


.:. Thoughts to ponder… .:.
.:. In SYKES, you will meet the coolest and handsome VP for Philippine Operations, Mr. Dean Van Omer who is so down to earth and approachable.
.:. In SYKES, you have options, it’s whether you gonna stay for your long term goal or be at your best where commendation follows.
.:. In SYKES, your commitment to excellence, hard work and loyalty is everyone’s inspiration.

Now, I am torn between staying in my current company which is already my comfort zone or look for other option that connotes excellence and success. (“ ,)

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  1. Looks like that event was very fun! Sama mo ko next time ay lin hehe :)

    1. Yes Rain, it was fun! Surely, if there will be next time. :)

  2. Hmmm... you are right, SYKES could be the right company for career-oriented peeps. Great pics!

  3. BPO companies like Sykes have been great help to our economy. I too used to work in one, but it has been 5 years since I last had my evening calls. Congratulations Sykes and might I say, what a hell of a party that was!

    1. Well said Joy! Yeah, BPO Companies is really a big help to us!


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