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What to Order at a Mexican Restaurant?

Mexican food in Woodland Hills isn’t always the healthiest food option. While it can be full of flavor, it can also be full of calories, fat, and grease. Fortunately, knowing what to order at a Mexican restaurant can help you to enjoy some of the most flavorful entrees without breaking your diet.

Veggie Fajitas and Burritos
The healthiest part of a fajita dish is the veggies. Choose dishes like fajitas and burritos that are heavy on vegetables so that you can do something good for your body. Most dishes come with a choice of meat and chicken can usually provide the leanest cut of meat.

Soup and Salad
Salad dressing is often laden with fat and calories, so use salsa, fresh lime juice, and avocado slices to spice up your salad without adding hundreds of calories. You can also enjoy your favorite Mexican entrees in a salad form to forego the tortilla while still enjoying the main flavor profile. Just ask for your burrito or taco without the tortilla, over lettuce, or as a bowl. There are also a variety of soups that are big in taste but low in calories, such as pozole and chicken tortilla soup.

What to Limit and Avoid
Try to limit the sour cream and guacamole you add to your entrée to cut down on calories. You can also ask for less cheese in your dish. If you will be indulging in food, then stick with water, iced tea, or another low calorie drink so that you don’t overindulge in liquid calories. Although flan and fried ice cream may be calling your name, you may want to avoid these fattening treats to reduce your total calorie intake.

Indulge Once in a While
Part of the fun of eating at a Mexican restaurant is enjoying the drinks, chips and salsa, and cheesy goodness that adorn the menu. Keeping your eyes on the ingredients can help you to choose the best option for your dietary needs. The other option is to indulge in your craving and eat the best that your local Mexican food restaurant has to offer. After all, they say you should have everything in moderation.

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