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Today's Breakfast: Caffé Bene

Actually, this is a throwback entry. Well, it’s Thursday, so why not bring back the past, the good old memories.

One of our favorite past time, when friends and I are together, is to eat! And when it says light meal expect pizza, chicken, pasta and ice cream, and when it says heavy meal, then expect much bigger with what I mentioned. Haha. That’s life, working in a corporate world not just giving you better experiences that you could have but also makes you fat! I’m a living proof! Though I already started working out, going to the gym after office and have discipline with the amount of food I intake. Sacrifice? Yeah, so much, but I know in the end, I will be the happiest!

My Favorite -- Caramel Cinnamon!

It was December at six in the morning, when we decided to have breakfast together. I’ve never been to Caffé Bene but not until the day my friend S chose the café among others because she wanted to try it. Well, since I also haven’t tried it yet we agreed. Caffé Bene is walking distance in our office, near Valero St., also across Cityland 10, pardon me coz I can’t really remember what building it is. Anyway, the café is cozy and relaxing which I like the most and thought that it could be a perfect place for me to work if I wanted a quiet environment for me to focus on what I’m doing for the meantime. It is also perfect for catching up with friends.

We just ordered cakes, sandwiches and shakes. It was good and yummy. A bit pricey though. Plus, they also sell mugs and tumblers with cute designs. They don’t have a planner, so no stamp/sticker to collect, but according to the staff maybe soon.

So that’s it for now. Good night, darlings!


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