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02102014: Random Thoughts

At my desk; OPENTEXT
41st Floor TWR2, RCBC Plaza

There are so many ideas crashing on my mind – family, love life, friends, finances, work, blog and material things that could somehow make me happy (well, I actually don’t know until they’re quite there). These random things circulating on my mind make me procrastinate. Oh maybe because, I don’t know what should be done first. Arghh… this is the kind of mood I hated so much, being pre-occupied of so many things even though they have a sense in my life.

Meanwhile, one thing is for sure. I desperately needed to accomplish these things I posted below. Looking at my current state it looks like impossible. But I believe that, with HIM plus hard work and faith, everything’s possible. So here it goes…

1.  Pay-out debts. Yes, I announced bankruptcy here. Got loans here and there and I promised to pay it out this quarter, target date will be on April 2014. I’ll share it with you dearies once cleared (maybe by then I can share some tips), but for now I have to stick with the allotted budget. Kinda hard…, but I need to get through this.
2. Nikon D7100 Body. I need an SLR that has a motor on its body. I am using Nikon D5100 right now and doing the math, I can save more if I upgrade it first then buy a prime lens’ afterwards. So, let’s see, target date: June 2014.

3. Apartment (somewhere near SM Marilao). Part of my goals before hitting the age of 30 is to have my own business, own car, own house and investments. So far, little by little I already started achieving those things. This year, I’ll be turning 28 already, and I wanted to start building a 2-door 2-storey Apartment for rent somewhere in Bulacan. If I accomplished this anytime soon this year then it could help me reach my other goals, target date to start the construction is on April 2014.

4. Car (Honda City or CR-V). I am not getting any younger that’s why I tend to get tired fast. Well, the strength when I was 23 years old is no longer the same right now. Maybe commuting from Valenzuela to PUP Sta. Mesa and vice versa for 5 years during college days and Valenzuela to Makati for almost 7 years thereafter (work is in Makati after graduation) makes sense. Yeah, it was fun, full of adventures and crazy during my younger years, but for now it was like a call for a “need” rather than “want” for me to accomplish my daily duties.

5. Investments. More investments!!! For now, I have 2 policies in Sunlife Financials and yet I am still craving for more investments, looking forward for having my own boutique or beauty salon, perhaps.

That’s it. I certainly keep you posted with the progress. For now, I need to go back to work.

Hugs & Kisses,
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