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Café Lupe and OneA KTV Bar: The one-stop Events Place in Antipolo

Café Lupe
one of the displays hanging in the wall
 Metro Manila is such a hectic, chaotic and most crowded place in the Philippines. Thus, having a relaxing time over a not-so-crowded place might be hard to find. I’ve been to places and I admit, they connote and bring us the comfort, the crowd, and the ambiance that we’ve been looking for a certain place depends on our mood.

Meanwhile, we’ve known Antipolo for being on a higher ground that provides a gorgeous view of over-looking Metro Manila, the vast panoramic view of the city’s busy life. When Mr. Moon takes over, a city light seems to be an array of stars, perfect for dreaming and creating goals. Somehow it was like a sight for motivation on making dreams do come true. Perhaps, what I ‘m just wanted to say is that, it is magical.
from l-r: Ms. Grace, JR, Dianne, yours truly, Alwin & Rain
nachos and tacos -- sooo cheesy!
all-time favorite -- mexican platter!
another platter which I forgot the name
our house blend iced tea
In line with that, a perfect place to spend your lovely night with its perfect location is Café Lupe & OneA KTV. These two establishments owned by Mr. Alvin Carranza (thanks for inviting us to come over your place!) are the perfect combination which is well-suited on your preferences. If you want to have a sumptuous dining experience over an awesome overlooking view while a live band is playing a lively song at the backdrop then Café Lupe is for you. I’ve been here for like, twice already and I must say that, every visit gives a different experience.

OneA Events Place Building
my dream car.. lol
White Wine -- 13.9% Alcohol
San Miguel Beers -- bucket please!
here with me are the coaches of Azkals
group shot - ready to party
 After filling your tummy with delectable foods, it’s time for you to unwind and chill-ax for a while. The three floors OneA KTV Bar has a perfect setting to uplift your “party” spirit. You can sing ‘till your lungs out at the first floor where KTV rooms located, for as low as P1,500 per hour you can have the moment of your life – singing songs from the 80’s to current songs obsession. Boy, this KTV room rates is consumable, you can choose from light snacks to hard drinks (tequila please)!  I bet, you can be crazy but who cares you have your private KTV room. By the way, their street barbeque like isaw tastes good.

having fun with their barbeques
Alwin |
cold cuts
our KTV Room -- spacious, good for 10-15 persons
and yes, it has its own sink and toilet
For more upbeat sounds to set your “party” mood, just go up on the second floor. It has a cozy setting with full of life sounds. When it is time for YOLO (you only live once, party harder) thing, go up to the third floor and sway your body to the energetic music and be mesmerized as well with the wonderful view. It is an open area, thus you gonna see the beauty it entails.

here with us is Mr. Alvin Carranza, thank you for being such an awesome host!
photo by Rain
To sum it up, blogger friends and I had a blast. It was an amazing night. We also had a hard time of letting go of the microphones but it is already dawn, thus, we need and we have to go home, else, we are in nowhere (you know what I mean, of mothers, wives and hubbies). I highly recommend this a one stop place where you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Café Lupe
267-269 Comoda Ville Inc. Don Juan Sumulong Ave.
Valley Golf, Brgy. Mambugan, Antipolo 1870 

OneA Events Place 
Comoda Ville Inc. Don Juan Sumulong Ave.
Valley Golf, Brgy. Mambugan, Antipolo 1870


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