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Chikki Boom-Boom, the newest endorser of Lesofat!

Last month, February 21, I attended an event with fellow co-bloggers held at The Tent, Midas Hotel. It was an event that revealed the newest endorser of Lesofat (the anti-obesity medicine). Chikki is one of the DJs in M.O.R 101.9 and certainly belongs to heavy ones.

Orlistat Lesofat at The Tent, Midas Hotel
Orlistat (Lesofat) is used for long term treatment of obese and overweight patients, aged 18 and above, including patients with risk factors associated with obesity. Orlistat (Lesofat) works in conjunction with a lower-fat, reduced calorie diet. The active ingredient in Orlistat (Lesofat), called Orlistat works in your digestive system by preventing your body from absorbing some of the fat from your diet. When taken three times a day, Orlistat blocks the absorption of about 33 % of the fat in your diet. The fat passes out your body and may cause some effects on your bowels. Orlistat (Lesofat) is a gastric and pancreatic lipase inhibitor that limits the absorption of dietary fat.

getting ready...
host entertaining the guests
Chikki Boom-Boom
Chikki Boom-Boom sharing her Lesofat journey
Lesofat is a SAFE, over the counter drug that is FDA Approved for weight loss management. LESOFAT Anyi-Obesity is available at 120 mg and 60 mg (Availability: Blister Pack of 20’s (Box of 20’s).
Chikki - weight loss status
It was a night of learning about weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, here are some frequently questions asked about the product. 
What does Lesofat do? Lesofat BLOCKS THE FAT from the food you eat. 
Who should take Lesofat? Overweight and obese individuals. 
When do I take Lesofat? You may take Lesofat 3 time a day with meals. 
Will Lesofat make me lose my appetite? No. The action of Lesofat is in our gastrointestinal system. Therefore, it does not enter the brain and will not change your perception of hunger. 
When should you consult your doctor? 
   →If you are allergic to any medicines, food or dyes; 
   →Taking any other weight-loss medication; 
   →Taking cyclosporine; 
   →Taking any other medicines including not prescribed by your doctor; 
   →Taking any dietary supplements including herbal products; 
   →Planning to become pregnant; 
   →Anorexic or bulimic. 
Who should not use Lesofat? 
   →Consistently have problems absorbing food (chronic malabsorpion) 
   →Have gallbladder problems 
   →Are pregnant or breastfeeding a child 
   →Have ever had an allergic reaction to Orlistat LESOFAT

However, there are still SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS that needs to be noted such as follows: 
Do not take Orlistat (Lesofat) 
   i.If you are allergic (hypersensitive) to Orlistat or any of the ingredients of Orlistat (Lesofat) ii. If  you have problems absorbing food (chronic malabsorption syndrome) diagnosed by a doctor.
   iii. If you have a liver problem or cholestasis
   iv. If you are taking cyclosporin
   v. If you are below 18 years old unless prescribed by a physician 
Take Special care with Orlistat (Lesofat) 
   i.If you have diabetes, tell your doctor. You may need to adjust your Anti-Diabetic medication while taking Orlistat (Lesofat)
   ii. To lower the chance of bowel effects, eat a well-balanced, reduced-calorie, lower fat diet.
   iii. Supplements of fat-soluble vitamins may be necessary during long-term therapy, but they should be taken at least 2 hours before or after a dose of Orlistat (Lesofat) or at bedtime.
   iv. Oral contraceptive pill may be less effective if you get severe diarrhea.
   v. If you have bleeding from your back passage tell your doctor.
   vi. You must not take Orlstat (Lesofat) with cyclosporine
   vii. You must tell your pharmacist or physician if you are taking:
         1. Amiodarone
         2. Acarbose
         3. Warfari or other medicines used to thin the blood
         4. Oral contraceptives
   viii. Tell your pharmacist or physician if you are taking any other medicines, or have recently taken any. This includes medicines you bought without a prescription.
Do not take Orlistat (Lesofat) if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

ORLISTAT LESOFAT is manufactured by LLOYD LABORATORIES, INC. - #10 Lloyd Ave., First Bulacan Industrial City, City of Malolos, Bulacan. For: DR. ZEN’S RESEARCH, INC. - #71 Scout Fernandez St., Quezon City. Distributed by: INNOGEN PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. - #29 Scout Bayoran St., South Triangle, Quezon City.

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    This was a very interesting post. I had not previously heard of this medication. I love learning new things. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.



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