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Hey, it’s my 28th Birthday!

Happy Birthday!
buffet island
assorted pastries
Ripe and Green Mango Shake
Grilled Lapu-lapu
Green Tea & Cookies and Cream and Green Tea Ice cream
seafood love - Oyster Rockefeller
fresh fruits
Yeah, March 15, 1986 at exactly 3 o’clock in the afternoon, yours truly was born. Thus, today I am celebrating my 28th Birthday! Wooohooo.

I’ve never been to Vikings and I’ve been vocal to P on where I want to eat on my birthday because I haven’t get any chance to be invited on their bloggers’ night or any event that held on this buffet restaurant. Meanwhile, thru P’s research and everything he found out that Vikings SM Megamall was already opened few days ago. And they have an exciting promo – birthday promo! Birthday celebrant will be free with at least 1 paying customer! Perfect! Right then, P reserved our seats for today’s BIG DAY of mine! Thanks P for always making my dream come true. 

Everything I wanted to eat, I ate. From steak to seafood. I almost ate a dozen of Oyster Rockefeller. Tried the grilled Lapu-lapu, Indian cuisines and well, almost everything. A happy tummy indeed! I almost liked everything, watermelon and melon from the fresh fruits counter were not sweet though as well as the ripe mango shake. Maybe because they’re not in season? 

We started our dinner at 6pm and done at 8:30pm. Yes, it was 2 ½ hours of eating, not complaining though. We’re almost done when a group of Vikings staff approached me and sing a Birthday song with that Vikings hat on, love it!

Will I visit again? Surely will. There’s a lot more for me to try.

By the way, weekend dinner rate is P1088, plus .05% service charge. 

Happy 28th Birthday!
P.S. Thank you for all your birthday wishes and prayers, very much appreciated!


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