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Hotel Accommodation: Boracay Mandarin Hotel

Boracay Island is one of my most favourite places to spend my vacation. It has almost everything – food, crowd, party, hotel, beach, beautiful sunset, fine sand, and etcetera. And perhaps, one of my agenda since I love the idea of staycation, is to try different beach front hotels that would add and connotes beauty of the island. Plus, the experiences that would brought me wonderful experiences thru a lifetime that no one can ever replace and fond memories that never be forgotten.

Boracay Mandarin Hotel
I already gave you a hint thru my Instagram posts and to my post “Hello from Boracay Mandarin Hotel” on where friends and I stayed. Yeah, I heard a lot of good stories thru blogs (on which most of them where sponsored) and having a rate of “Fantastic” and/or “8.3” rating from 922 reviewers made our decision at ease. Well, we’ve already stayed in Boracay Garden Resort (posted here) and everything was great, thus, looking a good hotel, having a standard of one of Hennan Group hotels, is quite hard for us, at least if it is not equally good then maybe it should be a decent one.

Moving forward, we booked our hotel accommodation thru Agoda ‘coz we found it cheaper than booking directly to them, maybe because summer also started thus this was considered as peak season, so it was expected that airfares and accommodations would be a bit expensive. Since we really wanted to try other hotel, we booked a Premiere Seaview Room at Boracay Mandarin Hotel. It is located at Station 2, beachfront. They’re not accessible from the main road so you have to walk to the sand (beachfront) to get in the hotel. If you have luggage it might be a hassle.

1st (l-r): our hotel, Don Vito Restorante Italiano, our room -226
2nd (l-r): Boracay Mandarin Hotel signage in front of the hotel, zoomed-in sea view
3rd (l-r): pool view from veranda, liquors at the restaurant, zoomed-in pool view from veranda

We’ve checked-in at around 12 noon. Room 226 was our home for days. To start with, we’re bit disgusted and disappointment started upon entering the room. We requested for a 1 queen bed and 1 twin bed room, however, it’s not yet available. 1 King-sized canopy bed was OK but we found our room so small compared to BGR, as per the website the area is approximately 30sqm which I think it smaller than the size posted and photos were deceiving. We really don’t have that “sea view” room, because what we can see while on bed was a wall. If you were in veranda you have the view of the pool, adjacent to the right plus tip toe you’ll see the ocean. Yes! Effort is needed to have that astounding “sea view”! LOL.

seating at the veranda
wearing: thrift-ed halter top, Levi's 501 shorts, complimentary slippers from Boracay Mandarin Hotel

toiletries, table top, bed

However, it was clean and cute designs of tables – sea vibes underneath the glass tops – were cool. But quite annoying because when the curtains will be push aside in order to let the natural light comes in, the rooms on the other side could see everything inside our rooms and vice versa, you don’t have any choice because room lights are dim.

We wanted to cancel our bookings thru Agoda but it might needs a lot of patience. Instead, we just opted to stay and made the best out of it since friends were around and having the thought that buffet breakfast will be served at Don Vito Restorante Italiano might lessen our frustrations.

buffet breakfast

On which, didn’t happened. To be honest, I was expecting for Italian foods but what’s on a limited buffet selection was Filipino cuisines – danggit, corned beef, longganisa, fish fillet, pancit, chicken bbq, no-taste congee and bacon & cheese omelettes (which you can request according to your preference). I only enjoyed the danggit and fresh fruits. Ha-ha. Two friends who joined us that morning, paid P732 for 2 for the buffet breakfast, were also uttering regret. That amount could buy satisfying foods somewhere. Since we couldn’t do anything about it, we just laughed and still thankful that we wouldn’t book a full board meal package which they also offered to us.

Yes, it has Spa and live band at night to serenade the guests while having their dinner

On a lighter side, the service was great. Staffs were so friendly and so ready for assistance always. When something is needed, we just call the receptionist by dialing “0” and voila after a minute or two, the staff already buzzing the doorbell/room-bell. Upon check out, we requested to assist us on our bags and luggage’s going to the main road, on which they did.

Boracay Mandarin Hotel at night

Would I recommend them? Definitely NO. It is an overrated 5-star hotel. I’d rather stay in a cheaper or 3-star hotels that can provide better and stress-free accommodation.


Expenses (Hotel Accommodation with breakfast)
P13,344.43 | 3D/2N Premiere Seaview room for 2 | Free Daily Buffet Breakfast (purchased thru Agoda)
P732 Additional Buffet Breakfast for 2 for one day only
All-in-all, we spent P14,076 for 3D/2N accommodation.

My verdict, I would not stay here anymore but I don’t regret staying at this hotel, I can charged it to my experience. At least I was able to try a 5-star hotel (Boracay Mandarin Hotel) that promises luxury but can’t really sustain it. Good thing, friends were around so we made the best out of it and enjoyed our vacation. Not worthy for your money though. So, I guess better look first for other options ‘coz their promotional photos or the ones posted in their website are devious.

Hugs & Kisses,
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