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Make Life Exciting with a Bear Coat

Life can get a little boring sometimes. It can also get a little chilly sometimes as well. When life gets a little boring and a tad bit cold you don’t just have to sit on your couch in your Snuggie, wrapped in the afghan your grandmother knitted you, sipping a cup of hot cocoa, and watching re-runs of Judge Judy. No, you can change things up a little bit! Throw that Snuggie on the floor and put some real clothes on! You have a brand-new bear coat to show off to the world!


Your super awesome coat is constructed to look as much like a grizzly bear as you can get while wearing a faux fur grizzly jacket. The head of the bear snugly covers your head with the sharp-looking, yet safe, bear teeth showing perfectly. The paws of the bear, complete with four ferocious claws per paw, nicely cover your own paws. Once the coat is wrapped around the wearer, the transition is complete; you can turn heads as a faux grizzly bear. Now, if you aren’t sure as of yet, this coat is NOT made from real grizzly bears, so don’t call the authorities or start boycotting; it’s all good.

Places to Go

As you wear your exciting bear coat, you need places to go. You can’t let a spectacular piece of outerwear go without notice. You can wear your coat to the big homecoming football game; that is one way to get your home team noticed. You could also wear your coat to the grocery store to buy a few bear-shaped bottles of honey; don’t forget some delicious berries to nosh on as well. You could also wear your faux fur to pick up your blind date. Lastly, make sure that you wear your coat into new and varying situations on a regular basis. By doing this, your life (and frankly, the lives of those privy to your bear fur pursuits) will not be boring and you will not get fat from drinking hot chocolate every day while you watch Judge Judy lay down the law.

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