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JEST Camp: A Day of Survival – Part 1

It was way back in December last year when I was invited to visit and experience JEST CAMP. Thus, apologies for this might be a late post already but still I wanted to share with you dear the adventure that I had during that day. The call time was quite early, 7am, at one of the food chain located at Munoz, eight bloggers made it and continued their journey to the northern part of the country. However, no matter how sleepy we were, we still managed to atl east get someone’s name and know them a bit. By the way, it times that I traveled without sleep I always finds time to take a nap while travelling to the venue to regain my energy. Yeah, I don’t mind if it is so noisy or whatsoever, what’s important is I managed to get sleep even for hours.

Welcome to JEST Camp

It was almost 10am when we reached our venue – JEST CAMP! Well, the surrounding was not quite new to me; the setting is more of province-like which quite refreshing and of course, where fresh air was what you breathes in. JEST Camp, which stands for Jungle Environment Survival Training Camp,  is the original, most famous and toughest survival school in the Philippines. It got started in the late 1960s when the Americans visited the Subic Bay, Philippines. There, they found a group of indigenous people called Aetas and was curious on how they can survive inside the forest using only their “bolo” (knife). Noting that this would be vital to be able to survive in the upcoming war, they studied the Aetas’ primitive ways.

group photo
Today, JEST Camp is one of the country’s premier Survival Course Providers in the Philippines, offering adventurous souls a chance to uncover their primitive instinct for survival through teaching them indigenous skills with the widest range and most comprehensive survival training courses. So before we started our ocular visit and of course our journey of survival, we feasted first in the morning snack served by the JEST Camp. They served us pancit enough to give us energy ‘til lunch.

Mr. Eduardo Tolentino
With that said, let me start with our jungle survival training held by Kuya Eduardo Tolenino, he’s also one of the pioneer working in the JEST Camp. Everything was taught in details. First thing first, in order to survive you need water. And yes, what if you don’t bring enough water or you've been stranded inside the jungle, what will you do?

water from branch of a tree
Oh well, he showed us that there’s a tree-bearing water. I forgot what does the name of the tree but here’s what it is look like. I also tasted it! It was cold and refreshing. As per Kuya Ed it also cures illnesses because it is clean and natural. By the way, for added protection you can also wear these sticky leaves so one’s can hide from its predator.

yours truly with sticky leaves on
Kuya Ed, also taught us how to make cooking wares as well as utensils using bamboo. Please watch the video below for further explanation. Ha-ha. 



So, how can you cook if you don’t have lighter that can easily build up a fire? Well, worry no more because he also taught us how to make one. But first watch the video below to know what you need in order to create fire using available resources found in the jungle.

With that, you can create fire and now ready to cook! (“ ,) See? Easy survival tips, right?

everything from bamboo
Well, that’s the basic knowledge you need to know in order to survive in the jungle. In addition, gugo which is known for making our hair beautiful and shiny is also within reach. Looking at these tips and learning this trainings, seems like I can now live a simpler life. Oh, maybe... if I need to do it.

That’s it for now for my Part I of my journey in the JEST Camp. Next in line will be the tour from the Bird Discovery and Butterfly Garden to our sumptuous lunch cooked using bamboo! Interesting? Yeah, better stay tuned on my next post!  It was a day of fun as I’ve learned how to survive whenever I was in a jungle or maybe, somehow, a peek on how our ancestors lived way back hundred years ago.

group photo
group photo
J.E.S.T Camp
Upper Mau, Cubi-Triboa Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Zambales, Philippines 2200
For more details, visit JEST Camp’s accounts – Facebook | Website.

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