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Let’s do Zumba and Pure Jus-ing to a Healthy You!

Good morning loves! How’s your April so far? Mine was full of fun and surprises and hopefully it will runs throughout the month, years, and for life! I started April with a Zumba Party held at Amber Ultra Lounge, The Fort Strip, BGC, I thought it is just an April Fool’s Day but NO I am quite eager to be fit and healthy, being sexy comes after as a result. 

Zumbathon by Pure Jus

Going back to the Zumba Party, yeah I did join the Zumbathon by Pure Jus with my fellow blogger friends. It was blast even though I lack of workout these past days due to hectic schedule (excuses!) and I’m quite dehydrated as an effect of drinking slimming tea hours before the event. But still, I’m glad that I managed to shake my body and do the sway, shake again even for just a couple of song. Furthermore, when I heard my favourite song of the moment, Timber, I took my butt off the seat and shiver my body to follow the steps.  It was really a fun way to squeeze out the fats in our body! Feeling and seeing your sweats running to your skin was awesome, I bet looking at yourself, being wet look, will trigger you to dance more.

Yeah, that’s LJ Reyes who also joined us in Zumbathon.

What a better way to cool down? Well, I just drank a bottle of cold Pure Jus in White Nut flavour, my favourite though is their Coffee Brownie, because coffee makes everything better (found it way too perfect to professionals who’s been working for 8-9 hrs in the office and still have errands to go through after the shift. This Coffee Brown made me boost my energy, thus I’m so hyper to do my task!) Just to add bit information about the Coffee Brownie on why you should drink it, please read on (Also seen in Pure Jus website).

White Nut, as seen on Instagram

Reasons to drink Coffee Brownie:
 Lower the risks of liver cancer and other liver diseases
 Reduce the risks of Parkinson's disease
 Can help promote a healthy heart
 Arabica Coffee Beans – Helps lower bad cholesterol; assist in good brain function.
 Almonds - Helps lower bad cholesterol; assist in good brain function.
 Cocoa – Rich in flavonoid with helps decrease “bad cholesterol”
 Filtered Water
 Stevia – Ideal for health benefitChia Seeds – Assists in weight loss; helps balance blood sugar.
 Cinnammon - regulates blood sugar

Coffee Brownie and Orange-C

Do I need to say more? Well, drinking Pure Jus can help us cleanse our body, on which simply called as detox. Why should you detox?  Detoxifying helps break down toxins and cleanse the body. This in turn, allows the cells and tissues to better absorb all the essential nutrients that it needs to function properly. Thus, the day after our Zumba, I started my detox program. Result, not a dramatic weight loss but I feel more carefree and relax, I feel light. It feels like I am rejuvenated and ready to face the world confidently and win a battle of life once more. Yeah, it is not a matter of how your body figure looks like it is more of how you feel with your body. So better, start living a healthy lifestyle and once in a while, have detox to cleanse your body and let your body toxins flush off.

Pure Jus

What I love more about Pure Jus is that, their bottle labels contains of ingredients used as well as the benefits of it. How to order? Online:  Click here.  SMS / Viber: 0917-8086781. Call via Landline (02) 519-8095.

random photos during the event

Thank you big time Ms Kristal, owner of Pure Jus! As well as the sexy instructors from Plana Forma who unstoppable shake their booties, and of course to Mommy Lariza for including on her invite.

For more information, visit Pure Jus accounts – Website | Facebook | Instagram

Hugs & Kisses,
Aylin || Facebook || Twitter || Instagram

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