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Perfect Pads’ – It has to be PERFECT!

To start my week last week, a kick off of attending a perfect event took place. It was held at Wack-Wack Golf and Country Club last Monday, April 7. It was attended by fabulous and elegant ladies as well as men.  Well, who wouldn’t say yes to a perfect afternoon with a perfect girl? It was an afternoon delight with an Australian-Filipina actress/ endorser Jasmine Curtis-Smith, stepping out of her sister’s shadow. And now that opportunities are starting to pour, she is set to prove to everyone that it is her individuality and talent that will tell her apart from her superstar sister.

Perfect Pads
Brand Manager

It was only just recently when Jasmine was offered a big break for her career and she cannot be more grateful to the people who helped her. “
It was like a dream come true for me to finally make a name for myself. I’m really thankful to everyone who trusted me and believed in what I can do,” says Jasmine. The promising young actress is now being groomed to be a television royalty in one of the major TV networks in the Philippines.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith

Jasmine is exquisitely beautiful, bordering to looking perfect, and that’s a given. The pretty face paired up with a good character is the ideal formula for a potential showbiz celebrity.  No wonder her endorsements come left and right, but for the young Jasmine, choosing what merchandise to endorse goes beyond any monetary value that the project offers. “I do not want to just recommend a product for the sake of recommending it. I’ve got to have some sort of trust and confidence in the brand that I am endorsing. A real brand ambassadress as you may want to call it,” explains Jasmine. 
Perfect Pads

So, the big question is, why a feminine pad? “I feel like it’s my moral obligation to my fellow Filipinas to introduce them to something that can help them during their red days and that is Perfect Pads,” answers Jasmine. Menstruation is natural to all women but it can get really uncomfortable at times, not to mention the “hassles” it brings that can affect your entire day at work or at school. “With Perfect Pads, every Filipina can have a Perfect day, every day!” Jasmine added.

I’d like to thank Perfect Pads for choosing me to be their new ambassadress and I’m really, really looking forward to all of our projects which will allow us to touch more lives and influence the youth today as we will soon be embarking on an advocacy campaign for them” exclaims Jasmine. 
Perfect Pads

More so, a perfect timing to be on time for my monthly visit because the day after the event I had my period. Thus, I got a chance to use as well the Perfect Pads’ soon enough. For me, I like it better than other most commercialized pads. No stain, no leakage and everything was perfect. Yeah, somehow I can attest that, you don’t have to worry and check from time to time with your back if there is some leakage. Past few days was quite a heavy days but the feeling it gives is somehow you don’t have to worry at all. Yeah, everything seems to be perfect!

Have a good day! Nah... it has to be PERFECT, by the way!

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