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Marian Rivera, Naturally Beautiful for Hana Shampoo

“The beauty of a girl can’t be mimicked, fabricated, or created by human means. It only occurs naturally.”
 - Unknown -

Marian Rivera, Naturally Beautiful for Hana Shampoo
Hana Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand & Body Wash

Today, having a beauty all natural, no chemical at all is such a big advantage. That’s what Hana Shampoo is all about. Thus, using it helps my hair back to its natural beauty. My hair has been damaged from getting it dyed, harmful sun rays and of course from using products that has chemicals in it. Thank you HANA for bringing something naturally beautiful.

Meanwhile, Hana Shampoo introduced their equally natural beautiful popular Spanish-Filipina artist Marian Rivera. As Hana Shampoo from the Japanese brand Shokubutsu entered the Philippine hair care category late in 2013. The brand promotes healthy beauty and advocates that healthy hair is naturally beautiful hair. Harnessed from nature Hana believes that to achieve naturally beautiful hair one forgoes the use of products that provide quick fixes or artificial solutions.

Marian Rivera, Naturally Beautiful for Hana Shampoo
Marian Rivera

With that said, Marian Rivera wowed the whole country with her natural beauty when she first appeared on TV commercials in 2005. But her Spanish-Filipina stand out appeal soon led her to the doors of GMA, and that step propelled her to the stardom status we know of her today.  The 29-year-old primetime queen is now one of the most prominent faces in the industry, with TV shows, movies, and endorsements left and right.

Her appeal is amplified by her thousands of loyal fans and followers who take every opportunity to show their support. Marian believes that without her fans, she wouldn’t be where she is today. That is why she takes every opportunity to reach out to her followers by personally talking or sending messages to them to ensure that they feel appreciated.

Without a doubt her natural beauty is one of her most significant asset, a beauty that supersedes any artificial modifications or filters. This makes this collaboration with Hana Shampoo a perfect fit. Marian is the epitome of naturalness and beauty which the brand strongly represents. She is driven and passionate about her work, never letting negative press influence who she truly is; strengthen with each challenges she faces. It is no surprise she has a large fan base undeniably faithful to her. These are the traits Hana Shampoo believes Marian will bring to the brand.

With this promising union, Hana Shampoo foresees a fruitful partnership, one that is enduring and will stand the test of time; such as her beauty; such as nature. Hana Shampoo – Healthy hair is naturally beautiful! I bet who can never go wrong with Hana Shampoo!

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