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SEXY DETOX for a Healthier, Sexier You

The latest to hit the “healthy juicing” lifestyle is a sensual, sort of hot-and-ticklish brand named SEXY DETOX.  In November 2013, SEXY DETOX found its way onto social media networks, particularly Facebook and Instagram. After just four months it has gained a steady stream of over 4,000 followers.

SEXY DETOX is a partnership of Atty. Reginald Tayag and Jessica Arsolon. Encouraged by Ms. Arsolon, who lost ten pounds in two weeks by juicing, Atty. Tayag became a believer in the health benefits of juicing. He suffered from high blood pressure and alarmingly high cholesterol levels. After getting into the healthy habit of “juicing,” his blood pressure and cholesterol levels lowered significantly.

Their great results prompted the two to conduct extensive research on “juicing”.  Atty. Tayag explains, “We need to go back to the basics of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Nowadays, we seldom eat or drink fresh. Most of the products that we buy in supermarkets have been processed in order to lengthen their shelf life. However, these processes kill the enzymes that are important in order for our bodies to digest and absorb food nutrients. Enzymes and phytochemicals are very important to our bodies.  Enzymes are the catalysts or starters for the chemical reactions of our cells – either to break up old cells or to form new ones.  Phytochemicals are important in order for our bodies to ward of sickness and to boost our immune systems. SEXY DETOX juices are rich in these live enzymes and phytochemicals.”

He added, “Since I started juicing and avoiding processed food, I have maintained normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  I do not take any maintenance medicine. Drinking SEXY DETOX juices has helped me a lot to be fit and healthy.” Reasonably priced, SEXY DETOX is guaranteed fresh and better-tasting than other detox juices currently sold in the local market.

With the coming Holy Week season, Ms. Jessica Arsolon states that now is the best time for people to try juice fasting in order to cleanse the soul and the body.  She recommends “Those who want to lose weight or achieve the weight they are targeting this Lenten Season, should try the SEXY DETOX meal supplement regimen. It’s an all-natural, complete and highly nutritious fruit and vegetable supplement. Best of all, we guarantee the juice is prepared fresh, clean, safe, and delicious too!”

SEXY DETOX regular flavors are: Sexy Lemon, Citrus Sunshine, Hulk Green, Grape Jolt and Fast Red. Premium flavors are: Almond Delight, Cocoa Surprise, Kiwi Magic, Milky Strawberry, and Strawberry Chill.

For more information on how SEXY DETOX can help you get into the healthy habit, visit their accounts.
Website | Facebook | Instagram
Or call Mobile No. (+63) 917-899-28-65

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