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Rubi On A Roadtrip (ROAR), The First Eco-Travel Show in Philippines

Finally, an eco-travel show will be airing soon (June 21, will be aired at ANC every Saturdays at 6:30pm) in Philippine TV. An upcoming TV show that let us see the wonders of our beloved country, Philippines, and at the same time will teach us how to be a responsible travelers that would help our Mother Earth survive. What I am excited about the show is that it would surely boost our eco-tourism.

In line with that, let me share something about the show. Rubi on the Roadtrip, also known as ROAR, is a 30-minute eco-travel television program which advocates the protection of the environment. It features environmental activist Rubi Palafox-Esteves (thus the title of the show) traveling to a particular destination to feature its eco sites and how the people co-exist with their environment.  Rubi sees for herself how they have developed their eco sites and how the whole town protects it and benefits from it.

Each episode of ROAR will dissect how people living in a local destination interact with the environment, highlighting the most common environmental issue in the area and how the locals adapt to it. Advocating the protection of the environment, ROAR also searches for individuals who have greatly contributed in protecting the town’s natural condition. Known as eco-warriors of the environment, these unsung environmental heroes work hands-on to save Mother Earth. Rubi hopes that through these people, viewers will find inspiration to unleash the eco-warriors within themselves


Here’s a sneak peek of ROAR in Bataan.

Rubi, towards the end of each episode, will also discuss the perceived common environmental issue with an expert and will solicit views to alleviate the current situation. To further educate the locals, she will also impart simple measures that the residents can do together like recycling, waste segregation, planting more trees, wildlife and animal protection.

Realizing the potential of each viewer to effect change, ROAR also drives its unique advocacy campaign called ONE TOURIST ONE TREE campaign. This calls for individuals to visit the featured destination and plant trees to have fresher and cleaner air.

One Tourist One Tree Campaign poster

Meanwhile, Rubi Palafox-Esteves is a registered nurse and a medical professional who has been practicing in the US for more than 30 years. When she came back in 2010, she witnessed the ailing condition of the environment and depletion of the country’s natural resources. She then decided to conceptualize a show that will feature environmental issues and simple solutions to address the problems. She is niece to renowned green architect Felino “Jun” Palafox, Jr.

Join Rubi on her road trip starting June 21, 2014 every Saturdays at 6:30pm on ANC, let’s all watch at the comfort of our home and be educated and be an eco-warrior of the environment.

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