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My Week on Instagram (@aylin_tdp)

My apologies for the hiatus, I’ve been busy and still busy with work related stuff. Thus, updates about my adventures and challenging life were posted on my Instagram account (@aylin_tdp). As much as I wanted to update this blog of mine on a daily basis, my hectic schedule and work that stealing my energy kept me exhausted.

Meanwhile, let me share with you my week on Instagram and somehow, share a little bit of the story behind each and every photo. I know caption already gives hints on what it is all about. 

My Week on Instagram (@aylin_tdp)
My week on Instagram @aylin_tdp (from top to bottom, left to right).

1 Midnight Snack! I bought some snacks, not healthy though but give me a dose of happiness, in a grocery store. My forever companions on sleepless nights!

2 A mirror selfie at C’NTRO by Centropelle, Ayala Fairview Terraces sometime last week. It was an event about their grand store opening that I covered last week which stories already posted here.

My Week on Instagram (@aylin_tdp)
ZING Rewads Card
3 Despite of the busy schedule, sleepless night and haggardness I still managed to snitched in and attended an event held at Century Mall, Makati City, the amaZing Reward card grand launch. The story will be posted soon, so watch out for it.

4 KitKat in Sakura Matcha, a pasalubong from Japan of one of my colleague. I always love to store chocolates in my office pedestal. Well, chocolates always give me the pleasure of rewarding myself thru its sweetness (and bitterness)!

5 Shelyn, Otep and I midnight snacks! We reserved a room in our office for us to steal hours of sleep, though I wasn’t able to do that because of deadlines (appraisal period) at least the two managed to keep me company. Thank you for your moral support and to those little arguments. Ha-ha.

My Week on Instagram (@aylin_tdp)
Double Whammy with Cheese

6 Wham Burgers at 4F SM North The Block, another adventure for my food blog – Bubbly Fluffy.

7 And Wham Burgers have this Pasta Fries! So sauce-y and yummy!

8 The Double Whammy with Cheese! I love this, the patties were so perfect! Stay tuned on my blog about it on Bubbly Fluffy.

9 Classioré is having a huge sale on going until supplies lasts. And this beautiful and elegant beaded necklace is for only P140. Kindly head on to their Instagram and Facebook accounts for details.
10 McDo Spaghetti on which I can’t taste the meat and cheese, maybe not my usual pasta.

Have a great day/night, darlings! 
Hugs & Kisses,
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