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SumoSam: Crafted the Japanese Way

Sometime last week, I was invited to the SumoSam’s event where enhanced dishes were launched – the better authentic Japanese and more scrumptious dishes. It has almost been nine years ago when SumoSam first opened its doors to the general public at the 6th Floor of Shangri-la Plaza Mall by its three founders, Marvin Agustin, Raymund Magdaluyo and Ricky Laudico. The concept was to give Manila a taste of Japan without ever having to leave the country, in short, a Japanese food that every Filipino can reach anytime and to satisfy their cravings anytime of the day. A Japanese restaurant with American sized servings, with a wide array of food choices and of course, unwavering energy that instantaneously drew people.

 Today, SumoSam is a constant preferred choice especially among families who enjoy variety and quality food. It has grown to be a part of the customers’ great milestones and precious moments. Many years and 27 branches nationwide later, SumoSam has grown to be one of the largest Japanese chain restaurants in the Philippines.

Whileit has earned for itself quite a stellar reputation; SumoSam constantly changes, aiming to meet the ever-changing demands of the customers. As more Filipinos travel to Japan, they are more exposed to the Japanese culture and to authentic Japanese cuisine. Consequently, diners expect better quality and authenticity when they eat Japanese food in the Philippines.

Responding to this change among customers, SumoSam takes great pride in the transformation of its dishes into works of Art. With the assistance of in-house Japanese chefs, all SumoSam chefs have now been trained with the strictest and proper Japanese cooking techniques and tactics to ensure that all menus has its authentic Japanese taste.

With that said, the heart of SumoSan is to give each customer a genuine taste and a feel of Japan itself. From the preparation of the meal – meticulous and intricate – to the manner in which each dish is served. With SumoSam, every dish is a work of Art. Every dish is a taste of Japan.

For more information about SumoSam, please visit these accounts – Facebook | Instagram.


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