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Sangobion “Go Love Life” – Shopping Event!

      I always love attending events that empowers women where I can acquire knowledge and new learning on appreciating more and give more importance of myself. Yeah, it may sound cliché but loving ourselves more than anything else in this world first is what matters most. Honestly speaking, how one can give more to other if inthe first place she can’t even take good care of herself. That’s the advocacy beyond the Sangobion “Go Love Life”campaign.

It empowers women to take care of themselves inside and out by fighting the sign of iron deficiency. I, myself, is taking Sangobion every day of my life. It helps me to go on with my life longer than it was. I can now have extra energy to do other tasks like taking care of my business, updating my blogs, catching up with friends and families after work hours. And at the same taking care of myself more than I could, well, “me-time” comes handy, too! 

Meanwhile, Sangobion “Go Love Life” campaign is an ongoing promotion on their Facebook Fan Page, so better like their page and join the mob of fighting iron deficiency so one can live life to the fullest. Two months ago they had this Sangobion “GoLove Life” – Makeover promo wherein lucky and beautiful ladies were treated to a fabulous days, each and every one had a makeover courtesy of Shu Uemura and Blo, please read details here. And last week, fortunate and lovely ladies had their shopping spree at SM Aura as being one of the winners of the Sangobion “Go Love Life” – Shopping Event promo. They also had a chance to modeled their chosen clothing from Uniqlo and/or Forever 21.

Well, aside from the advantages of taking Sangobion they also took the advantage of joining the promo like this. I hope I joined too so, maybe, I could have the chance of having a shopping spree. I’m gonna wait for the next announcement and I’ll see to it that I’ll join.

Now, everyone has all the reasons to keep going and living the life to the fullest. Thank you Sangobion for making this possible. By the way, here are the photos during the event and more photos were posted here.

To know more about Sangobion “Go Love Life” campaign, visit these accounts.

Happy Monday, have a lovely day!
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  1. OMG! I love this campaign. Anything with a positive message that teams up with a passion for shopping I am all about. Great photos! You really captured the campaign. :)

  2. This sounds like a great campaign, thanks for sharing.


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