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Chill Time

If there’s a place that friends and I spending fun times that would be in SM Mall of Asia by the Bay. From the wide array of old and new restaurants to choose from, one must not have a hard time on choosing the best spot. Well, sometimes, it is in contrary because the more choices the more that decision takes longer. But then, what matters most is the great company you have while the great food is a bonus!

It was Saturday afternoon then when we decided to went to SM Mall of Asia Bayside to catch up on our lives. Plans of getting married and whatnot. Though, the first one is an awkward topic to discuss for me as I don’t have any plans yet, not anytime soon. But, I am very much happy when my guy friends think of settling down, planning for the proposal and the big day. I just, maybe, underestimated them. Ha-ha. Well, it is nice to know that there’s always a good intention on the badass image that they’re trying to portray, right?

Meanwhile, I am just want to share some photos captured by my new camera, the mirror less Sony A6000

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