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Christmas Shopping with Lamido!

It’s already November and 44 days to go before Christmas! Yeah, Christmas is already around the corner and it is also means the month of giving. I, myself, am quite excited for that. Though, others might found it a bit struggle, if and only if, they have a lot of godsons and goddaughters or simply call as “inaanak” to us, Filipinos. But fret no more, as there are so many alternatives that you might want to consider for you to give gifts or I must say, share your blessings without getting bankrupt afterwards.

Christmas Shopping with Lamido!
Christmas Shopping with Lamido!

 You read it right, tips that will help you buy more and the same time spending less. I am a bargain hunter and as much as I love sale items I also see to it that quality wouldn’t be compromise. With that said, I want to share with you dearies, my latest online discovery, Lamido. I love online shopping, it is my stress reliever and plus, I can do it at the comfort of my home, right in front of my computer. Because I believe that time is gold that’s why being struck in traffic is a no-no for me.

I am an impulsive buyer, too! Thus, when doing an online shopping, I can find time to contemplate whether to buy it or not. See? Well, in cases that I am having a hard time to do so (to decide what I need to buy and what’s not) I just put them on my cart and review after completing the payment. Meanwhile, going back to shopping this Christmas season with Lamido, you can score items at a very affordable price on which perfectly fit for Christmas.

Christmas Shopping with Lamido!

One of the things that I love giving is fashionable items like clothing, accessories and the likes. Perhaps, something that connotes with someone’s personality. Well, at the end of the day, it is always the thought that counts that despite of everything you still remember them. Well, cliché as may it sound but that thing is genuine from reality. See, these trendy clothes are on sale, for as low as P178 you can have a dress.

Christmas Shopping with Lamido!

Now, you don’t have any reasons why you should hide to your “inaanak” as everything is within reach and at affordable prices. By the way, if you wanted to add money to your shopping bank, you can also sell your items in Lamido. Yeah, Lamido is a buy and sell platform suited for everyone. Furthermore, you can also do shopping using your smartphone just by downloading the Lamido App in Google Play. I told you so, everything is within reach and possible! 

Free Phone, so share this post!

But wait there’s more, as I’ve mentioned earlier, Christmas is a season of giving so Lamido is also giving away new phones. In line with the Online Revolution happening on November 11, Lamido is giving away great discounts and giveaways. Starting last Nov.1, we are giving away FREE cellphone and will last until the launch of Lamido on the Rise - a one-day sale.


In addition to that, Lamido PH has gathered 5 charities to sell their items in our site for fund raising purposes. Participating charities include, World Vision, Virlanie, Tahanan Sta. Luisa and Green Peace.  Lamido is shouldering all shipping cause for all items purchased in the website. In addition, proceeds from the sales will be given 100% to the respective charities.  Free marketing is also offered for this campaign.  The campaign will go live starting on Friday, Nov 7 until December 29.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. When christmas coming close im sooo exited!
    this seems really interesting:)
    Im going to check it out now

  2. Thanks for sharing dear!

    Eea P


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