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What to buy in Bicol as Souvenir or Pasalubong?

Whenever I travel, I always look for something that I could bring home as pasalubong (souvenir) for my loved ones. My family always look forward for the food or delicacies of a certain place that I traveled to. For friends and office-mates, a souvenir item is a must (somewhat suhol for doing your task while you're on vacation), in most cases, key-chains come handy. To add, buying key chain does not consume more time in making decision decision on whether what design to choose from. Automatically, it would be something that represents the place and with this case, it should be the best product in Bicol.

Naga City is the chili capital of the Philippines aside from that, pili nut is one of their so many products and of course, Bicol handicraft product are also worth buying as pasalubong. With that having said, you already know what to look for, right? So, let's go shopping!

The market or palengke is one of the wonderful places to look for a souvenir item which is worth giving to your love ones as a pasalubong. It is way affordable than other establishments, plus you can haggle to lower the price if you're going to buy wholesale . It is the perfect place to look for anything that entice your taste. It is located in the city proper so you won't miss it.

Basically, you can have the following as your souvenir or pasalubong:

- Footwear, wallet, handbag, tote bag, shoulder bag, and any kind of bag made of water lily, buri, abaca, sea grass and other locally sourced materials 

- Pili - nuts, tarts, polvoron, and many more!

- Chili

- Key-chains with various design such as chili, pili nuts, among others.

- Kitchenware made of wood

- Chandeliers made of seashells

- Dried fish
My personal pick would be the handbag made of abaca and my favorite pasalubong from Naga City would be the honey-flavored/sweetened pili nuts!

Take note please, when in the market, don’t wear jewelries, be attentive and always secure your things to avoid any mishaps along the way. Do not worry though, Naga City, Camarines Sur is a very nice and wonderful place, policemen and barangay volunteers are always ready to help you when needed.

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  1. In the office, the constant pasalubong is keychain that's why when some people opt to give food as pasalubong, it really delights my tummy, and my heart. hahaha The chili keychains look interesting though. ;)


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