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Pine Suites Tagaytay by Crown Asia

Every one of us has its own definition of luxury and comfort especially when it has to do with our future life – house, cars, lifestyle, etcetera and etcetera. For me, living the life that makes me happy is one of the luxurious and comfortable settings. And yeah, coming home where you future life build their own is one of the things we consider now. I hate to admit but yes I am talking about getting assets, getting married, having a family and giving them comfort and all their necessities that we ever could imagined. Argghh, perks of getting not-so-young anymore is having more matured thinking. It is the time where one is mostly thinking about assets rather than liabilities, happiness rather than happy-go-lucky individual, and of course, settling down rather that mingling around.

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. That are some of the thoughts I had in mind when I got invited to ground breaking of Pine Suites Tagaytay by Crown Asia. It was a delightful afternoon with fellow bloggers where we visited the location where 3 clusters of 5-storey building will be rise soon. In a perfect location where weather is way too perfect – not too hot and not too cold - that most Filipinos looking and dreaming for, tagged as second summer capital of the Philippines – Tagaytay!

Getting a property in Tagaytay is such an asset. I can attest to that since the boyfriend’s family has a 400-sq meter lot area with 350-sq meter house on it located near Mahogany Market, floor area is around 1000-sq meter because it has 3 floors. It is for rent and I must say that income just comes in. December is peak season, thus this month the house is fully-booked, sad for me because I can’t sneak-in with friends but probably happy for them because it is absolutely a Merry Christmas! So, if you’re getting a unit in Pine Suites Tagaytay it surely a hit if your goal is for business or if you’re not staying there because of work in the Metro, it could be an income-generating property.

Of course, getting married has a lot of consideration to do. Me, myself as one of my requirement before getting married is we should have a house and lot. It means that we bought it with our hard-earned money though sponsorship from family is very much appreciated but I guess living with your parents or in-laws is not a good idea. I mean, for me, because I couldn’t decide for my own because we have to think them, living in one roof. Plus, it will ruin my budgeting skills, you know what I mean, you just can’t buy something and hide it in your closet for them not to see it. Kidding aside, Pines Suite Tagaytay is one of the properties suited for newlyweds that are starting to have a family of their own. They have the needed privacy and security.

For those who already have a family and kids are around. This is also a perfect investment as there are so many amenities perfect for hanging out and bonding session with your loved ones. Weekends need not to be spent outside but being productive at the convenience of your home. Good investment right? Good location, beautiful and spacious units, and amenities that would bring families together.

Pine Suites Tagaytay is the perfect starting place to enjoy a haven of cool quiet, yet offer an array of adventures for the whole family – from the city’s caldera rim, famous for its sweeping views of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano, rising 2,000 feet above sea level, Pines Suites Tagaytay is located a few distance from Tagaytay rotunda. Set within more than 32 kilometers of scenic trails for biking and hiking, with more excitement and fun to discover nearby – year-round – here is a dream contemporary condominium offering that combine environmental sensitivity with modern lifestyle, your very own Swiss-chalet inspired home right there in Tagaytay. So close to your primary home, an hour from Manila!

There you have it! Getting a house that soon becomes a home is a decision that you should think a 100 times. Aside from the quality, durability, and security, what matters most is the advantages of it to your loved ones because they are our No. 1 beneficiary and they are the reason why we are working so hard. We always wanted the best for them that is why Pines Suites Tagaytay also promised to give the best to us. By the way, we also visited Valenza located in Sta.Rosa, Laguna to see the model unit of Pine Suites Tagaytay and Valenza’s model houses as well. Indulge yourself with the photos below, who knows it could be your future home with that chic and trendy interior. Keep dreaming! Keep achieving your dreams! Have a great day!

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