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McVitie’s Digestive makes healthy eating a delight

 McVitie’s Digestive

An active workout can be challenging, from running it all out on the road, hitting gym exercises, dancing in an aero class, or doing martial arts training. Watching the food we take may be tougher because there are temptations in munching on unhealthy yet delicious cravings, especially the snacks we want to take in between meals. It’s a bit hard to find the perfect healthy snack for your active and healthy lifestyle.

Luckily for us, more than 120 years ago, the U.K.’s favorite tea time snack was launched, and now we enjoy the benefits of having a healthy biscuit with McVitie’s Digestives. Compared to other biscuit snacks, McVitie’s has fewer calories and less fructose corn syrup. It also has no artificial ingredients, zero cholesterol, and transfats.  With each fiber-rich bite out of each digestive biscuit, our tummies can enjoy a more proper digestion that leads to better health.

McVitie’s Digestives can be enjoyed always on the go especially by those who are always at their feet on the field, going to different meetings through the day, and those stricken with wanderlust especially during weekends. This healthy snack can also be shared with friends at work, family members at home, or even with recently estranged travel buddies on the road.

Everyone will definitely enjoy McVitie’s Digestives, especially with its variants suited to fit different discerning taste buds. McVitie’s Original Digestives has the right blend of mild savory flavor that can be paired with different hot or cold drinks. McVitie’s Whole Wheat Digestives, on the other hand, with its higher fiber content offers a healthier option especially to health buffs.

McVitie’s had those with a sweet tooth in mind when they came out with Milk Chocolate Digestives. For those who enjoy a more bitter side of chocolate, Dark Chocolate Digestives answer the cravings of chocolate lovers. The kids will also enjoy this McVitie’s Kids variant with its flavor and appearance as it takes the shape of their favorite cartoon characters.

Healthy eating often does not always mean an enjoyable delightful dish.  But with McVitie’s Digestives, you can have both the healthy stuff for the tummy and the sweet stuff for your cravings. Best of all, you can share all of these with those who are really close to you.

For more about McVitie’s Digestives, visit or “Like” them on Facebook, Distributed in the Philippines by Delfi Marketing Inc., McVitie’s is available nationwide in leading supermarkets.


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