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Travelogue: El Salvador Nature’s Park and Picnic Grove, another route to see the beauty of Cavinti Falls.

I’m glad that caffeine and dark chocolate managed my sanity giving me more ideas and inspiration or motivation, I am now torn between the two, on what to write. Though, my backlogs are growing, from personal travels and sponsored one to events that I attended to. Though, when it comes to event I am a bit picky already as I only choose those who really suits my interests and passions – travel, hotel, food, art and exhibit, museum, fashion and beauty – and of course, to those people who generously invites me because they believe in me and on my blog. Thank you for the trust and for your generosity, it is very much appreciated. And also I do apologize for some of my shortcomings.

Meanwhile, this post is still related to my previous post about the Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour, hashtag CavEAT. But for this specific post I will be focusing on El Salvador Nature’s Park and Picnic Grove as another route to see the beauty of Cavinti Falls. Cavinti Falls is popularly known as Pagsanjan Falls but since the falls is located in the vicinity of Cavinti, Laguna, hence it should be the municipality’s right to called it as Cavinti Falls. Yeah, I've been deceived for almost 28 years of my life as my parents and my school textbooks says it’s Pagsanjan Falls. Anyways, for this generation all textbooks will be corrected and as we move forward it will be called as Cavinti Falls.

first stop: pahinga mode at El Salvador Nature's Parka and Picnic Grove where you can also see the statue of El Salvador Del Mundo, Cavinti's saint patron.
There are two routes to be choose from if you wanted to see the beauty and experience the water rapid of the falls. One is thru renting a boat from different hotels found in the municipality of Pagsanjan for P1,300 per person which lasted for 3 hours back and forth. While the second one is thru an adventurous trails via El Salvador Nature’s Park and Picnic Grove for only P270 per person. I know if you are up for an adventure like me and want to spend money wisely, you’ll go for this option.

Welcome to El Salvador Nature's Parka and Picnic Grove
As the cold water and ravishing waterfall awaits us, we trekked, rappelled and walked almost 500 steps. A bit scary though because the metal stairs are too steep and seems like it just fits for a baby. Thus, during our trekking down to Cavinti Falls we had to do the side step. But upon reaching the destination, everything was worth it. The falls was so stunning and we also had a chance to experience the water rapid adventure. Oh boy, it was exciting and yet a bit scary but everything was worth a try. While under the water rapid which last for almost a minute, I felt like I was drowning as I was grasping an air to breathe plus the water was very cold. Meanwhile, I and fellow blogger friends also had a chance to stay and savor the coldness of the water in Devil’s Cave. That was the cave beyond the Cavinti Falls and accessible via a balsa. Kindly advise the balsa’s men to drop you off. Bringing camera and gadget is not advisable because moist might get in but if you have GoPro then better capture your moments.

before going to the water rapid adventure, photo op at the balsa with fellow bloggers
with Marco of
the start of the adventure
more steps to conquer
photo-op before the mini-rappelling.
hi there, Ann!
walk, walk and walk
colorful boats
finally! done with the trekking, walking and rappelling.
the stunning Cavinti Falls
Cavinti Falls
more OOTD poses on Cavinti Falls

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