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5 Tips on How to Look Great on your Wedding Day

One of the biggest celebration on our life especially for the ladies out there is our wedding day. We’ve been dreaming on how it will look like since we were young. Whether it is grand or simple, one important matter to consider is that, we should look great on that dream big day. Thus, thorough planning is absolutely a must and looking for some tips and advice on how to do so is quite challenging for us. Of course, friends and families have their own version of it as I do from wedding gowns, principal and secondary sponsors, budget which goes along with cheap bridesmaid dresses and yet elegant and trendy, themes, wedding reception, and so on. 

So without further ado, let me share you my 5 tips on how tolook great on my dream wedding day. Let’s get started, shall we?
5 Tips on How to Look Great on your Wedding Day

Always be happy, stop worrying on things that are not yet happening.

Being happy all the time, or at least looking at the bright side when things is not happening the way we want it, is one of the best tips I could ever give. It gives someone a youthful glow that noticeable in the outside. Thus, making you look young, fresh and glowing. Happiness can get rid of unwanted wrinkles and fine lines that we wouldn’t want to see during our big day. And by the way, it also delays aging.

Wear a wedding gown that perfectly show your best curves.

Of course, it should be one of the major things to be consider to achieve that great look that we always dreamed of. First, we should distinguish what is our body type, is it busty, apple, slender/rectangle, hourglass, pear, petite body shape? Knowing what our body type is would deal with the correct dress that we should be wearing on that big day. As for me, I have an apple shape body type. Thus, dresses with continuous pattern or A-line dresses looks good on me and this cheap purple bridesmaid dresses I found in an online shop (cheap dress UK) that caters affordable and yet sophisticated dresses is way perfect for my “as of the moment” dream wedding theme – pastel!

Enhance your beauty with make-up.

Adding some colors on your face would also make a difference. Thus, a very good shade of lipstick such red or pink nouveau could stands out. Wear for long lasting makeup that can stand from day to night (well, depends on the wedding time you’ve chosen) as well as it is should be photo-ready so one’s will look great even on photos. As it is done on the day itself, don’t try to transforms yourself into a different person, the more natural it looks the better. And before I forgot, wear a water resistant mascara because this is one of the memorable occasion of our life and being in tears (I bet, it will be a tears of joy) has a big chance to happen.

Choose an archetypal hairstyle.

Keep it simple and classic, don’t overpower your dress and headpiece. Well, the simpler it looks, the classier and sophisticated it gets. Better practice your hairstyle with your hairstylist ahead of time, whether in salon or at home, so that you already know what you will look like before your wedding day.   

Proper preparation and planning.

The last but not the least, is to have a proper preparation and planning. It is the best key to have a successful events on our life. Prepare everything before the day happens and plan ahead on what you would like it to happen. Have a healthy diet, have that eight hours sleep, most especially, a night before the wedding and surround yourself with people who matters to you and supports you all the way because they are person who will take charge on keeping everything in place and giving you the best memorable moment while you are on it.

That’s it! If you have an additional tips on how to look great on our wedding day, please comment below. Have a great day ahead and happy weekends!
Hugs & Kisses,
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