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Home Office Inspiration

It’s rainy season again here in Manila and what I could think of as of the moment is an office inspiration so whenever a work-from-home is applicable I can still splurge myself into an office like space at the convenience of my home. Well, thinking that if I am going to plan and build my home, surely, I will have my own space where I can do all my personal stuff –corporate work related me being in an IT world, sewing, taking photos of my outfit and accessories business, and of course, blogging.

I admit, there are times that I am an OC person and I love working in an airy space, bright, sleek and clean, and fully functional. Fully functional in terms that everything I need is within reach and yet no one, except me, can touch it. So guys, here are some of the home office inspiration I found in Pinterest. I’m glad that whenever an idea strikes on me, there’s a Pinterest that would support my interests. Hope you like it, too!

Keep safe and warm don’t forget to bring an umbrella. 


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