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Maquinit Hot Spring – Coron, Palawan, PH

Kayangan Lake is open to the public daily until 6pm and the best time to be in Maquinit Hot Spring, which is also in Coron, Palawan, is at that time, 6pm. That’s why, even though we’re still enjoying the lake we packed up and climbed going up and down the hill and went straight to our boat and sailed. Though we tried to pass by at Twin lagoon but its low tide and our boat can’t dock to the docking station because corals might be hit by the boat and could damage both. So, might as well, go on and continue the journey, on which we did!

Maquinit Hot Spring is a privately owned property on which open to the public with corresponding entrance fee of P200 for non-resident adults, discounts are also applied to senior citizen and children below 10 years old. I’ve been to several hot spring in Laguna and I must say that Maquinit Hot Spring is beyond compare. It has three areas where the temperature varies. The hottest is ranging from 39-42 degrees. Whew! Hotness! The area where I stayed for a bit longer had a temperature of 39 degrees which I thought I couldn’t stand for long. But then, with the advice of Benjie ( that I have to sink in slowly and slowly and in just a minute or two, my body can now adjust with the water’s temperature.

It was soothing and relaxing. Feels like that my aching and tired muscle settled and revitalized its energy. Well, I strongly suggest that you should visit and try Maquinit Hot Spring after doing an island hopping or right after doing a very tiring activity and adventure throughout the day. But then, those who has high blood, or any medical condition should take safety precautions as it might worsen the case. But those who have skin asthma or respiratory problem could observed improvement after dipping to the hot spring. It was like a hydro massage for me.

Cottages are also available for rent so you could have a place for your belongings as well as refreshments like beer and water are available, too. There is no shower area though. So, make sure to bring towels and just clean up when you go back to your hotel.

Maquinit Hot Spring - thedailyposh
Welcome to Maquinit Hot Spring! Here at the 39 degrees part of the hot spring.
Maquinit Hot Spring - thedailyposh
... beautiful and clean surrounding.
Maquinit Hot Spring - thedailyposh
photo ops at the signage of Maquinit Hot Sping.
Maquinit Hot Spring - thedailyposh
peaceful environment, loving the artworks!
Maquinit Hot Spring - thedailyposh
tables and chairs
Maquinit Hot Spring - thedailyposh
let's take a dip!
Maquinit Hot Spring - thedailyposh
breath taking view
Maquinit Hot Spring - thedailyposh
wonderful and night and yes, still there are people
Maquinit Hot Spring - thedailyposh
hi there Benjie! goofing around with friends and with these fun and lovely folks of Asia Grand View Hotel
Maquinit Hot Spring - thedailyposh
well, seems like a magic lies beneath
Maquinit Hot Spring - thedailyposh
people packed up at around 8pm
Maquinit Hot Spring - thedailyposh
epic fail group photo! 

How to get there?

It is a 30-minute tricycle ride from the Coron Town proper.
Fare: approximately P300-400 (round trip)

- - -
Maquinit Hot Sring
Sitio Maquinit, Brgy. Tagumpay
Coron, Palawan, PH
Contact No.: (+639) 344 4633 | Email:
Open daily from 8am to 8pm.

Entrance Fee: Adult: P200
Senior Citizen/Student: P160
Children, 5 to 10 years old: P100
Children below 5 years old is FREE.
- - -

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