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Top 5 Online Sites in Philippines You Need to Bookmark Right Now

In an era where the technological boom has met its zenith, shopping has acquired a new dimension, hence called e-shopping or online shopping. It provides a very convenient shopping experience as it saves time and energy and almost everything, starting from gadgets and smartphones to accessories can be bought online. You also have the option to sell products online as well. It’s a rising trend in every part of the world including Philippines. Here’s a list of top five most browsed online shopping sites in Philippines that you absolutely need to bookmark.

  1. Lazada Philippines is one of the most famous sites browsed for online shopping purposes in Philippines. Surprisingly enough, it is the number one most-visited site in the country. With their wide variety of products from local to international brands, beauty products, toys, home ware and kitchenware products. The best option Lazada Philippines offers is the Cash-on-delivery payment option that proves to be very convenient for the customer. The support system is a bit problematic because they don’t provide live chat, but the order status is updated and sent via the customer’s provided email. Use latest Lazada discount codes while shopping here and get up to 60% discount. 

  2. Zalora Philippines: It’s the perfect online site if you are looking for branded apparel and fashion products like Nike, Mango, Levi’s and the like. It also has a Cash-on-delivery payment option and free shipping for products which are above the range of ₱1,000. Zalora, like Lazada, also does not provide with the option of live chat, but product and payment status is sent via email where you can track them with ease and also contact them should the need arise. The most delightful thing about shopping in Zalora, however, is that you get a PHP 250 Zalora discount on the first purchase you make and also during the monthly sales.

  3. Shop This Easy: Shop this easy, as the name suggests, aims to provide you with the best shopping experience of a lifetime without having to face any problems or issues. Basically, it helps you shop in ease and seeks to give you a hassle-free online shopping adventure. The site is mainly centered on fashion products for women. Unlike other Philippines online sites, it’s less cluttered and messy and also they provide the option of engaging in live chat with the customer in case any issue arises.

  4. Ayos Dito: This website is a classifieds or a buy and sell website of Philippines. They provide you with the choice of selling any product that you want to sell online and also aim to give you a good buying experience as well. What is the most extraordinary is that they also provide job offers and opening for people. However, while browsing this kind of a site can be advantageous, because of its amazing deal it also has a few perks. You need to be extra careful of your buying decision because there are many frauds who take undue advantage of the free service that they are provided with and seek to put a dent in your wallet.

  5. Kim Store: If you are on the lookout for cheap and gadgets of good quality, visiting the Kim Store website will be the correct option for you. It offers gadgets like smartphones, tablets, mobile phones, electrical equipment and the like at reasonably discounted prices. They are also known for selling gadgets which have been recently launched or haven’t even been launched in the country. It is in the top list of the best online gadget stores in the country. The support system is also very good as there is a team of staff members who will respond to your queries and guide you through your shopping experience through texts. However, their products get sold out very quickly because of their low prices so you have to be on the lookout.

Due to the very option of online shopping, people can have the luxury of ordering products ranging from electronics, shoes, handbags, fashion items, jewelry, watches, kitchenware, home decor, gadgets, perfumes etc online. This kind of shopping experience has indeed proved to be a boon in the country and has provided people to shop sitting at home. To top it all, the Cash-on-delivery option for most sites has also increased online shopping and has driven people to go check products out online as well. Online shopping has indeed framed the future of shopping for shoppers world-wide.

Anyway, plan your travels ahead and score big discounts!

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