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The Bellevue Resort – Panglao Island, Bohol

Whenever K’s around, one of the group’s agenda is to have a mini-vacation somewhere. But it has to deal with three things – beach and infinity pool, peaceful and serene ambiance and some booze. It’s our sweet escape to the hustle and bustle of the Metro and for us to catch up on each other’s life. Talk about life, plans, future, business, relationships, travels, and anything under the sun & moon. As we grow older we tend not to talk regularly due to our different time zone and hectic schedules. But how busy we are, when we see each other we feel like we just had a talk yesterday. Well, they are the best friends of mine worth keeping for a lifetime.

The Bellevue Resort, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines

With that, we decided to went to Bohol sometime in August and it’s my 2nd time visit since 2010 and I was glad that I was able to visit the wonderful place rich in beautiful natural and man-made resources before the earthquake hits them sometime in 2013 and damaged almost all of the heritage places and century old churches. Plus, it is the province where the tarsiers can be found. But nevertheless, it is always good to see how its people coping up on the tragedy happened and how the picked and still picking up the broken pieces to make it as a whole so that they can bring back the life they had. It takes time but at least there are progress along the way.

Meanwhile, as for the accommodation, we booked a deluxe room with buffet breakfast for 3 nights and 4 days at The Bellevue Resort thru Agoda. It was quite expensive though because of its 5-star ratings that’s why the expectation is also high. We are looking forward to a great vacation with a 5-star experience and we just wanted to relax and enjoy each other’s company thus, it explains why on earth we are booking on a luxury hotel (as what resort connotes!). It is situated with a serene view of Doljo beach and has a 250-meter private beach front.

We arrived at around 8:30 in the morning and yes, they allowed us to have an early check-in with no additional fee. A welcome drink, cold lemongrass tea, was served. It was gloomy then that’s why we found the hotel lobby and ambiance quite low-spirited. But then, I stayed on other 5-star hotels and resorts that could keep the mood upbeat. Perhaps, it is just us and the not-so-good weather. And they will charge an amount of Php500 per head if you have guests that will use the swimming pool! And that’s the first time I encountered such. Oh well, it’s a 5-star resort. (^_^)
The deluxe room has balcony – with a palm trees view and has a connecting door that’s quite scary because on our last night, the girlfriends and I were having a good conversation when someone from the other room was trying to open it. Given that the people from other room already reported us and we already received a call from the receptionist that we’re noisy (we’re just talking on our normal tones) at around 10-11pm. So, ok, point given but I guess, I would not recommend you to have a deluxe room with a connecting room that would ruin your stay. The bathroom sink had leakage, on which they had fixed the soonest we reported it because they don’t allow us to be transferred to other room but the waiting to be fixed is not a good idea. What’s funny was, every day they do house cleaning but they don’t replace or replenish the empty toiletries, which I believe should be replenished as it is part of what we paid for. But nevertheless, everything was fun as I have the right persons with me who have a good attitude towards every bad situation.

 our room's balcony

Our mantra is to have fun and to relax, thus, any mishaps caused by the resort should not be entertained. We can laugh about it and it is for us to learn our lesson. How we wished that we just booked to other resorts within the area. Ok, everything has a room for improvement and I hope that they could really live by on their ratings and rates. By the way, a construction during daytime was annoying, I wish they have it covered so guests won’t see it. Or, if they couldn’t give the 100% of what they have promised to their guests, they somehow lowered their rates. Perhaps, my visit was just an isolated case and they could really give the luxury they’re giving on other time of the year. 

By the way, the in-house restaurant offers a variety of foods and what I liked most was the pinakbet. It was sumptuous and the vegetables tasted like it was just being harvested from the farm. Food serving is good for sharing and you have the best view while enjoying your meal.          

All-in-all, it is still a vacation worth every pieces of memories worth to be cherish. Though, we haven’t get what the supposedly luxurious resorts could give us but at least, we had fun. We enjoyed the free Wi-Fi, the foods were reasonable, buffet table had bacon, I even slept at the beach bed. The staff were friendly and approachable. Will I recommend The Bellevue Resort? Yes, if you’re not getting the Deluxe Room and if the construction is already done.

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The Bellevue Resort
Barangay Doljo, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines 6340

Tel: (6338) 422 2222
Fax: (6338) 422 2202
Book Online (click here)
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 Meanwhile, plan your travels ahead and score big discounts!

Have a great time!

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