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Wishes do Come True with Coca Cola’s #WishMoKayaKo

Yes, wishes do come true in any forms. Whether by you, putting all your efforts to achieve and make it come true, or having people around who plays the role of Santa Claus and being a good Samaritan. On which we always, look forward for the latter part, right? Oh well, an easy-breasy wish-come-true moment always make us happier and believe that wishes are bound to happen. With that said, Coca-Cola officially jumpstarts the season of giving by helping make millions of wishes come true this Christmas as Coke lights up parols at the Araneta Gateway Park last night, November 15. And I was glad to witnessed that grand moment wherein there were wishes granted that night. Lisa’s wished was to visit Enchanted Kingdom with her family on or before Christmas was granted! And there’s another one, a guitar for his younger brother for being hardworking at school and at home. Wow! That’s great to know that there are selfless people who just wanted to wish something for their love ones. Kudos! And I know, somewhere down the road, as you go on the journey of life, you will be more blessed and a blessing to others. Keep it up!

Meanwhile, the event was dubbed as ‘Coca-Cola Wish Upon a Parol Day,’ which granted hundreds of wishes to came to life. Unluckily, mine wasn’t picked. You wanna know what’s my wish? Well, aside from a trip to my dream destination – Europe and have my laptop to be upgraded to Macbook Air, I wish for a lifetime supply of Coca-Cola products. Ha-ha. Simply because, our meal time wouldn’t be complete without having a coke. And why a lifetime? So that, the money that I would save up on buying such, apparently, will make my other wishes do come true. So yeah, hitting three birds in one stone, I guess! So, please Coca-Cola if you happen to read this, please grant my wish!

More so, one of the biggest wishes Coca-Cola received was for fans to meet Alden Richards in person. One of the newest Coca-Cola ambassadors wanted to do his part in making special moments for other people this Christmas made time in his busy schedule to grant this wish and I was at awed when I felt how the fans really supports the tandem of Alden and Maine. Love them both and the charisma they have is beyond compare.

Also present to entertain Coca-Cola fans were Coca-Cola ambassadors Enchong Dee and Joseph Marco, who serenaded the crowd as an early Christmas gift. Grace Note, Callalily and Sponge Cola also rocks the night! Coca-Cola culminated the event by lighting a giant Coke parol, which symbolizes all the hopeful wishes coming to life this Christmas. But the magic doesn’t stop there.

Through the Coca-Cola Wish Upon a Parol promo, millions more wishes can come true. Just buy any participating packs of COCA-COLA® regular (250ml, 500ml, 1L, 1.5L, and 2L) and text the code under the crown using this format: COKE (SPACE) <CODE> and send it to 2653. For the full mechanics, you may visit

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Anyway, plan your travels ahead and score big discounts!

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