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Shopping Spree at Tutuban Center

Jingle bells, jingle bells, it’s Christmas time in the city! Hooray! I got a long list of wishes for this coming Christmas and some of them, I admit, are material things that would somehow makes me happy and people I love will be feel glad, too. But to top it all, a good health for me and to my love ones and joyful day-to-day life are more than enough for me especially that, nowadays, I feel sick every now and then and I would do anything and everything to combat that illness. So, say hello to vitamins, multivitamins and supplements. I accept those as a gift, by the way.

Merry Christmas shopping spree at Tutuban Center

Meanwhile, I did a shopping spree at Tutuban Center located at C.M. Recto Avenue, Manila also known as Divisoria. I’ve known Tutuban Center for selling cheap and affordable items - from curtains to clothing, from toys to kitchen wares, everything! Yes, everything that we needed to live our daily life is present in Tutuban Center. I was one happy gal when I received an invitation to do a shopping challenge at Tutuban Center’s Night Market. Well, who can say no to a shopping spree, right? With the right amount of patience, skills in haggling, and a strong body to go with the crowd, I know I can do it. Thus, challenge accepted!

Manila's tallest Christmas Tree, 50-feet tall

We’re given an amount of Php500.00 for the shopping challenge, which dubbed as #TCPaskongSulit, search for that hashtag to see other entries on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which we have to do three things – ride in a flying fiesta at Tutuban Center’s Carnival and take a selfie, eat a one-day old at Night Market’s Street Food Section, and shop as many as we can in the Night Market. The first challenge was an easy-peasy thing to do as I love carnivals though the second one was quite a challenge to me because I don’t eat a one-day old even the chick in the balut that’s why I prefer penoy. Albeit, I am not good with haggling in a crowded place with a limited time. So, for me not to get disappointed, I opted for the stuff that I could wear when I travel and for my lil’sis.

Tutuban Center Night Market

So, let me share with you how I did the challenge. Shall we? It was around 8 o’clock in the evening, right after dinner at Orion Hotel & Café where we also had an overnight stay during the challenge, I’ll write a separate post about it, when we gathered at the tallest Christmas tree in Manila. We only had an hour to do the three tasks. After some reminders about the mechanics, my blogger friends and I headed straight to the Tutuban Center’s Carnival. Guys, entrance fee is only at P10 while rides such as Flying Fiesta, Carousel and others cost for only P40 per ride. It was a fun especially if you’re trying to capture a good selfie shot while on a ride. First Challenge, ride in a flying fiesta at Tutuban Center’s Carnival and take a selfie, check!


selfie at the Flying Fiesta

this is how competitive others are

wooohooo... more selfie while riding in the flying fiesta

Right after the ride, we headed to the Tutuban Center Night Market’s Street Food Section and look for a one-day old and did a selfie in a creative way that we can. It is sold for only P20 per stick which has 3 pieces one-day old. 2nd challenge, check!

 at the Night Market's Street Food Section

there you are, one-day old!

hmmm.... photo with my one-day old

 hi there, one-day old! It is only P20.

wearing: cardigan from Dresslinkshoes from Cardams; top from Bayo; shorts from thrift shop

The most exciting part, the shopping challenge. Woohoo! I was excited because there were a lot of things that were being sold on a very cheap price. For as low as P10 you can already buy a toy perfect for the kids. However, I chose to buy clothing for my sister and yes, for myself, too! Ha-ha. Something that could I stylishly wear when I travel. A black and white stripe long sleeves and soft, warm sweater with Christmas-y design and three earrings for my sister and I bought a white off-shoulder top for myself. Hmm… can you guess how much these three tops and three earrings are? (Insert drum roll here) Tan… ta…  na... nan… These are only P450! (“,)

my flatlay!

To sum it up, I had fun during the challenge. I never thought that as low as Php500, I already enjoyed three things – being a kid again (through Carnival), eating (at Street Food Section), and shopping (at Night Market). I would love to go back in Tutuban Center and do shopping again anytime soon. I already scouted a lot of interesting pieces perfect as a Christmas gift to my friends and love ones. Thank you Tutuban Center for such a wonderful shopping experience! And to those, who are on a tight budget, this place is way too perfect for you! Come and visit Tutuban Center and indulge yourself!

Tutuban Center
C.M. Recto Avenue, Manila
Phone: (02) 251 1661

Meanwhile, plan your travels ahead and score big discounts!

Have a great time!

Hugs & Kisses,
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