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DIY: Goodies in a Jar

Finally, I did a do-it-yourself Christmas presents for my office friends. I’ve been thinking of what to give that can be useful, too! From the usual of buying items found in the department store or supermarket and just girt wrapped those, I decided to made something that have contribution to our childhood memories. So, I bought mini clear jars, something that they can use after, some sort of storage and the likes. And some 90’s edible goodies such as dingdong, sunshine, snow bear, lala chocolates, flat tops, etcetera.

With that having said, let me guide you on what to do and what you need for you to have a DIY: Goodies in a Jar that is perfect as a gift not just for Christmas but also in any occasions.

What you need?
1. Clean and clear jars. With design will do, it depends with your likings.
2. Different colors of ribbon.
3.  Goodies.

What to do?
1. Put your goodies in a jar, arrange based on your preference. (If it is sweets, make sure you closed the lid correctly.)
2. Make some bow out of ribbons or just tie a ribbon on top to make it more like a present.
3. Make some personal notes where you can print or hand written to add some personal touch.

That’s it, an easy-peasy gift idea – DIY: Goodie in a Jar. More DIYs soon on the blog, stay tuned!

Remember, plan your travels ahead and score big discounts!

Have a great time!

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  1. For someone who grew up in 90's I really appreciate everything inside your jars haha...Namiss ko yung Stay Fresh at Sunshine Green Peas..
    This is really a great gift idea.. not just because it is really cute but also because it is personalized and I'm sure the recipients will appreciate it more
    Thanks for sharing and it's nice to be here too

    Happy New Year and may we both have a fulfilling year ahead. Happy blogging

    1. Hi dear! Yep, batang 90's. :) Thank you so much for dropping by and happy New Year!


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