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Aqtiv Archery – Country’s First Archery Challenge Maze Opens in Sandbox at Alviera, Porac, Pampanga

Being a first timer with archery was quite challenging and at the same time scary. What if I hit myself or someone with an arrow, what if I break the bow and so many what ifs. What ifs that made me become more curious than ever. That’s why when I got an invite to the grand opening of the latest attraction of Sandbox at Alviera, Porac, Pampanga, I said yes. Well, it is time for me to satisfy my curiosity and at the same time to experience archery.

Good thing I made the right decision in my life as I said yes it was an all-out fun and excitement that triggers and lingers on me. First thing first, there’s a basic training wherein do’s and don’ts were being discussed to each and every participant. You’ll learn how to pick up the bow from its shelf, what’s the proper way of holding it, how to put the arrow, and how to hit the target. No pressure because they made sure that you’ll learn the basic as well as learn how to shoot and aim for your target, bull’s eye!

Meanwhile, following the success of Sandbox outdoor archery, Alviera presents the first ever archery challenge maze in the country. Nowhere else can archers run through a maze and face moving targets and obstacles, all under time pressure. And when I say time pressure, well, you only have 2 minutes to finish the challenge and luckily, being a first timer, I did it! Yeah, I finished the challenge in 1 minute and 58 seconds. Cool, right? Anyway, this new sandbox attraction in Porac, Pampanga has been dubbed Aqtiv Archery, operated by Oculus Archery, and is expected to provide a whole new exciting outdoor experience.

 Aqtiv Archery

 training... training... at the Target Archery

P at the Target Archery

So, expect for some twists and turns and moving targets. For the first mission, archers will face off against Monsters of the Wall. Participants will be on the run which adds difficulty to the activity. Of course, it’s Sandbox so it must be a fun setting, right? Well, you gonna be wearing headgears and costumes. Hmmm… perhaps, Robinhood was in me during that day because I was wearing his hat that’s why I finished the challenge within the allotted time. Nah,I just unleashed the sporty me. Ha-ha.

let the fun... ah.. eh.. challenge begins

P doing the challenge, too!


Php250.00 per attempt but guests may also avail of the Archery Package at Php400.00 which includes a 30-minute session for Target Archery. Children below 7 years old is not allowed.

Other SandBox attractions:

Giant Swing, country’s tallest swing at 10-meters high. 

Aerial Walk, takes you through an obstacle course above the ground.

Wall Climbing, Rappelling, and Free Fall, there’s a 15-minute Adventure Tower, which also provides the best views within and around Alviera. 

Avatar One, the first roller coaster zip line in Asia that brings you 180-meters up and down through lines and curves. 

ATV and mini-ATV rides.

Sandbox at Alviera, Porac, Pampanga

Come and visit The Sandbox at Alviera with your families and friends and have some exciting and fun adventures.

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The Sandbox at Alviera
Porac, Pampanga
T: (045) 4320014
M: (0917)8033099

Open from Tuesday to Sunday; 9:00am to 5:00pm
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Anyway, plan your travels ahead and score big discounts!

Have a great time!

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  1. i want to try this haha... the only archery-related thing that I have done ay sa video games lang haha.. sana makapagside trip ako sa Sandbox after the Hot Air Balloon festival


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