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Ice Cream Cravings Satisfied at Carousel Creamery

Howdy Guys and Gals! This might be a late post and late question though but still I will ask. Ha-ha. Where and how you spent your Valentine’s Day?

For me, I don’t know, but when P asked me what I want for Valentine’s? I just said nothing. Stay at home, perhaps. Or have a staycation somewhere in Manila or Makati. Well, I have nothing in particular that day maybe because I choose simpler things over material things, nowadays. Gee… I think this is part of being grown-ups. Lol. I tend to think and would like to invest on memories rather than some sort of items that has no value after a month or so. Well, congratulations to me as I becoming a woman that connotes with enthusiasm to live life to the fullest with the people I love around me. Hmm… I can no longer wait for the Family vacation in one of my favorite places in the country, Boracay, this summer.  I know my two beautiful nieces are more than excited than I am.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Going back to the question I had above, P and I celebrated the simplest Valentine’s Day ever in our 7 years’ relationship. He craves for an ice cream that time and I just simply gave in with his cravings. One condition though, it should be somewhere that we haven’t visited yet. We decided to went to Greenhills and stroll around and look for restaurants and kiosks that might offer something that could indulged with our cravings. And the, there’s the Carousel Creamery Handcrafted Ice Cream | 101 Flavors located at 8 Missouri Street.
The wide array of ice cream flavors, well, it has a 101 flavors to choose from, made us to decide to dine in and try them out. On which it turns out, the best way of spending heart’s day or any occasion or even on a casual day. By the way, summer is coming so fast, this is another option to beat the heat.

If you’re unsure of what flavor to get, don’t fret as they offer free taste. Yes, you may taste all the flavors of the handcrafted ice cream that Carousel Creamery offers. I tried the cheese & bacon, the beer flavor, the honey dalandan sorbet, ginger & honey, and many more. Ha-ha. Trying to figure out their tastes and it was amusing of how great the flavors were. It really tasted like bacon with cheese, thinking of breakfast after.

Carousel Creamery

So, after having a hard time of choosing what to order, we ended up with green tea, s’mores, chocolate chili, speculoos and chunky cheese. A big scoop retails at Php 80.00 but if you get five flavors it is sold for Php 395.00 + 10% service charge for dine in. Everything tasted great with a normal level of sweetness. My favorite among the five was the chunky cheese followed by the green tea. While P, loved the chocolate chili.

chocolate chili, speculoos, and chunky cheese

green tea, s'mores, chocolate chili, speculoos, and chunky cheese - Php 395.00

green tea, s'mores, and chocolate chili

Of course, I am also thrilled for my next visit as we wanted to try everything. Surely, I’ll keep you posted. Happy weekend!

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Carousel Creamery Handcrafted Ice Cream | 101 Flavors
8 Missouri Street, North East, Greenhills
San Juan City
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Have a great time!  Hugs & Kisses, Aylin

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