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Gringo Honasan on Upcoming May 2016 Election

Election is approaching so fast and yet, most of us still don’t know who to vote. Gladly and luckily I had a close encounter with Vice-Presidentiable Honorable Senator Gringo Honasan, a candid afternoon chitchat that seems like a father that happily telling his story among us. It’s always a bliss knowing that someone you adore politically has this sense of gratitude and love for his fellow countrymen that lies beneath his bravery. He is best known as one of the youngest Army Colonel in the Philippines. Gringo also became the Chief of Security of former Defense Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile.
During 1986, Gringo founded the Reform Action Movement or RAM to dethrone the presidency and fight the dictatorship of President Marcos. This is one of the most important thing and reason that leads to EDSA People Power Revolution. RAM contribution during the revolution also leads to presidency of Cory Aquino. 

During 1995 Senatorial Election, Gringo runs for senator. As a senator, he passes senate bills namely: Clean Water Act, National Security Policy, Disaster Risk Management Act, Solid Waste Management Act, Carper Law (Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Extension with Reforms) and junking the Anti-Squatting Law. Gringo is also a supporter of Freedom of Expression Bill.

With that said, Senator Gringo Honasan aims for the second higher position in the country because of the love to his country and as well as with his countrymen. During the chat, he mentioned that he’s been to Tondo and saw how poverty affects the lives of many Filipino families even of the young ones, which is supposedly the “pag-asa ng bayan.” Filipinos who didn’t even have food to serve on their table and eat with their loved ones. And this kind of scenario is just one of the sad and ugly truth on what really the Philippines look like and we are looking forward to see what can a public servant can do about it. It is nice to know that someone who have a heart and passion to help his countrymen can dig deeper with the national issues, analyze it, think about on how to resolve it and finally, implement a solution. And yes, one of the platforms is to combat poverty and let the Filipino live in a more comfortable and better lifestyle having a secured place to live in.

View on upcoming May 2016 Election

“I hope walang dayaan dahil it will create more problems than solutions. Those who have money, have access to the experts. I hope it doesn’t happen and I pray” Gringo also pointed one positive thing. “The Philippines is a blessed country, all we need to do is to wake up every morning and continue breathing because our economy is growing from 6-8% and that accounts for positive world view of us.”

Is another EDSA possible after this election?

“The answer to election fraud is not a protest. The answer to malicious prosecution is not a motion for reconsideration. The answer which we found 30 years ago is here” as Gringo placed his both hand to his chest pointed to his heart. “How much of this can we take, that’s the burden I ask you to help us carry. Propagate your idealism, your sense of duty and your love of country to those who are willing to listen.”

“Social media has become a very powerful tool and it has also become a very irresponsible tool. When you’re behind that screen, you can say and do anything and hide.”

On Some Senatorial lineup like…

Alma Moreno

“Parang pinahirapan ni Karen Davila si Alma Moreno, but we forget, she’s three times president of the Philippine Councilors League. That’s 70,000 people. Hindi naman ito mga bobo, she has something. She may not be articulate; she might not speak the king’s English but she has record. She’s starting working at 12 so she’s a totally dependent”

Princess Jacel Kiram

“Daughter of the late Sultan. She’s advocating, pushing for the recovery of Sabah, which generates $70B of oil that is supposed to be us. If we get that amount of revenues, gagaan ang buhay natin”

In addition to that, he’s also one of the candidates that would like to increase the tax exemption to those who have income of less than or equal to Php30,000. Well, as an employee this is one of the platforms that I would surely look for in voting the right candidate.

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Have a great time!  Hugs & Kisses, Aylin

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