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Southern Metro: The new hip metropolis with a twist.

Colorful lifestyle opportunities. A booming business district. At first, anyone will immediately connect these identifiers with Metro’s capitals. But would you believe that these aspects are also reflective of a hub tucked away in the charming, quiet parts of Southern Luzon? Sto.Tomas, Batangas, aptly named the gateway to the South, has earned its moniker thanks to the positive growth momentum that it has been enjoying the last few years. Business and lifestyle-wise, the first-class municipality is now being eyed as one of the potential places that can possibly be developed into the next business capital.

The available infrastructure in the municipality is behind this growth,” explains Fatima Olivares-Vital, Business Unit Head of Ovialand, Inc. “The congestion in the big city capitals have urged many to look beyond the box.” Southern Luzon is among the top three growth areas in the country. In addition to its sufficient infrastructure, its proximity to major cities like Makati as well as its connection to major roads like STAR Tollway also positions it as a lucrative location for those who want to enjoy the peaceful ambience of the South while still enjoying the proximity to the Metro.

A booming business landscape

With accessibility, floor area, and location on its side, Sto. Tomas is slowly making a mark on both investors and manpower alike. At the moment, the municipality houses some of the country’s most distinguished industry parks as well as headquarters of international outfits.
One of the things that can help you gauge a city’s growth is employment rate. And we have that in Sto. Tomas. There are opportunities here and it serves as a good example that a rural location can still be thriving with business prospects,” explains Olivares-Vital. The municipality currently has road rehabilitation underway. Road construction plans for an SLEX additional four-lane expressway is also in the works.  Olivares-Vital adds, “Unlike in the big cities where businesses are so congested, the landscape here in Sto. Tomas is definitely friendlier when it comes to competition.”

Lifestyle options abound

A vibrant lifestyle is another major reason behind people choosing to live in the city. Sto. Tomas’ growth momentum is not only focused on its business landscape but on its lifestyle aspect as well. “Sometimes when you sit at a coffee shop here, take in the ambience and listen to the people around, you’ll feel that you aren’t in the province anymore. Sto. Tomas stays true to its rural charm but at the same time it has a modern, vibrant appeal to it,” quipped Olivares-Vital.

Hotspots for social butterflies fringe the municipality. In addition, some of the county’s best schools and hospitals are now also situated in the area. Residential options are now thriving in this rural destination as well. Among these is Terrazza de Sto. Tomas, an Italian-inspired master planned development by Ovialand, Inc. inspired by good design and strategic positioning.

The 5.8-hectare prime land is purposefully located near important establishments, lifestyle destinations, road networks, and business areas. At the same time, it also promises reprieve to those who want to sign-off after a busy day and enjoy exclusivity.  Olivares-Vital concludes, “The charm of Sto. Tomas is that it is multi-dimensional when it comes to its growth. You have business progress, a colorful social life, and most of all a good community. It isn’t an option; it should be a choice to those who want to live differently.

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