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Home Living Inspiration: Tiffany Lamps

Perhaps as you grow older you tend to look for stuff that would make your life more meaningful and colorful. Adding some value to pieces that mostly, would be part of our life in the long run is already what I’ve been looking for as grownups. Well, I don’t know if I can barely say that it comes with maturity but right now, I’ve been looking and browsing for some home living inspiration that would make my future house looks elegant and the way I always foresee it to happen – sophisticated.

My first on the list is the curtains but I realized that having beautiful pieces such as the chandeliers and Tiffany lamps could make an impact on my soon-to-be living room and bedroom. It will add elegance if the correct items will be put together and place on the right location. Chandeliers can create drama when place in the living room with high ceilings or in the dining area where it can light up the scene while having a sumptuous meal. Tiffany lamps on the other hand, are perfect for bedroom side table. They’re great for bedtime reading and writing goals and to-dos for the next day.
Brass Fixture Luxury Tiffany Table Lamps Classic Stained Glass

Classical Artistic Bedside Tiffany Lamps

Decorative Parrot Shade Tiffany Lamps Stained Glass Shade

Living Room Decorative Floor Lamps Stained Glass

Shell Shade Wrought Iron Fixture Two-light Tiffany Floor Lamps

More so, SaveLights offers a great deal that you wouldn’t want to miss! You’ll get a $3 discount on your purchase by using the code: Savelights. I assure you guys, they have the best and beautiful designed lamps that are perfectly suited on your needs. Well, I can no longer wait for my tiffany lamps and re-design my bedroom. By the way, I was quite had a hard time choosing because SaveLights caters a lot of designs to choose from. Sharing you some of my personal choices, happy shopping! Enjoy!

Meanwhile, plan your travels ahead and score big discounts! {{B O O K H E R E}}

Have a great time!  Hugs & Kisses, Aylin

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