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How to Dress on Weekend

For most of us, our jobs usually have a strict dress code, if not an all-out uniform. For retail workers and fast food servers, it eliminates the song and dance routine of deciding what to wear in the morning. For corporate millennials and business people, the standard outfit from Monday all the way to Friday is some variation of pantsuit and heels or pencil skirt, blouse, and blazer. The only time you really get to kick back and get creative with your outfit is when the weekend rolls in.

Most women love the feel of dresses on weekends. Whether they’re light cotton maxi dresses or slightly more expensive fashion designer dresses, there’s nothing we like more than letting our legs take a breather from all that denim. Dresses are also the perfect weekend outfit, simply because they’re easy to put on, are very breathable, and they make us feel fun, flirty, and fabulous.

For the lady who feels like lounging about and taking it easy when Saturday rolls by, shorts and sandals can be very casual chic, especially when paired with fun and funky accessories like chunky bracelets, beautiful anklets, or a Boho-style headband. All in all, your weekend outfit relies heavily on your plans for that day.

But what if you don’t have any definite plans yet and don’t want to be caught off guard? Then read on, because there are some perfect weekend outfits that can go from playful casual to party-ready with just a few adjustments, and we’ll be covering them in this article.


Casual. Sundresses are the embodiment of breathable fashion. While they can only be worn during a certain season (sadly), they are comfortable, beautiful, and fully versatile. They allow enough mobility for you to take a casual stroll through the park or go mall hopping with your friends and you won’t be breaking any dress codes in any establishment. Chic floral dresses often come in bright, cheerful colors and patterns that can give you that fresh-and-free look. Pair with funky flats or sandals and a small handbag to complete your summer child look.

Party time. Dress up any sundress with the right accessories; dangling earrings, a delicate gold chain, and bangles and bracelets. Swap out the small handbag for a clutch or tote bag and slip into kitten heels. You’re ready to party!
How to Dress on Weekend


Scarves. Light chiffon scarves draped casually on the shoulders or hung loose around the neck can brighten up any outfit without making you look like you’re preparing for winter. For a fresh spring look, opt for pastel colors and abstract patterns. If you’re at the beach, a fun scarf tied around your hips will make you look stylishly sporty and ready for anything.

Party time. Wrap the scarf around your neck in such a way that it ends up looking like a modified tie. Make sure both ends are the front and the neckline is scooped or forming a ‘V’. Paired with solid-colored tank tops or mini fashion designer dresses, the scarf will act like a fancy front or second layer of clothing. It’s a bohemian look that is very chic right now.

Denim Shorts

Casual. For girls who feel like they can’t rock a dress, denim shorts are your best friend. They give your legs much needed breathing room and you the freedom to choose a top. You can’t get any more casual that a cotton shirt, cute denim shorts, and chunky high tops or fun flip-flops. Perfect for afternoons in the park, on the beach, or in a corner street café.

Party time. Dress up your casual outfit by substituting the flip-flops for some gladiator or strappy sandals. Add color with clunky bangles and a small backpack. Opt for some fun earrings (like feather earrings or beaded ones) and maybe a hair accessory or two. The great thing about shorts is that they’re so basic, you just simply have to build on!
How to Dress on Weekend

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Have a great time!  Hugs & Kisses, Aylin

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