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How kind your beauty regimen is?

Happy Friday, Ladies (and gents)! It’s Friday and it’s a long weekend here in PH. Woohoo! J Anyway, please keep safe and take care!

Meanwhile, have you ever thought of how good or kind your beauty routine is? Does the product you are religiously using is really good enough to your skin? Does this product promote an environment-friendly label? I hope so! Well, we should practice to check the ingredients being used and be informed of what it could bring to us – is it really to make us feel better or slowly damaging the environment that we live on?

Many beauty products also contain animal ingredients and sometimes it carries super complicated technical names that we, as a consumer, would not even realize that a certain ingredient came from animals, mostly are from those that are already endangered speciesSome of the contents that you might see on your beauty products:

  • Civet Lard Retinol Wax
  • Collagen Lipase Royal Jelly Whey
  • Alanine Dexpanthenol Milk Protein Shark Liver Oil
  • Adrenaline Cystine Marine Oil Sea Turtle Oil
Did you know that every wild species has a biological role in our ecosystem and having an imbalanced could cause damage? Yes, you read it right! I know you wouldn’t want it to happen, right? That’s why better start to be aware of what’s happening with your surroundings. It is more of having social consciousness on how can you contribute on making things to be in the proper place so that the future can still see and feel the beauty it brings to us right now.

With that having said, I would like to highlight Shark – specifically the Thresher Shark that is becoming endangered due to illegal activities and some sort of not being aware that it was being used to some beauty products, vitamins and supplements, and as well as food processing.

Thresher Shark - Photo by Noel Guevarra

Thresher Shark can be seen in the province of Cebu. The Philippines is the only country that can boast to having an established pelagic thresher shark dive industry. In line with that, its presence has turned Malapascua Island into a major dive tourist attraction which is a great help to the residents to recover after the devastation of that tropical typhoon Yolanda brought to many parts of the country in 2013. In Cebu, sharks are considered valuable for both ecological and economic that’s why the province issued a Resolution protecting all sharks and rays in all its municipalities and established the Philippines’ first shark and ray sanctuary in Daanbantayan.

You can also help and preserve our marine life and SAVE Thresher Shark by being part of the movement and by doing the following:

  • Writing to BFAR to convince them say YES.
  • Visiting Malapascua Island to see thresher shark and support the community.
  • We are all into social media, let’s use it wisely. Share your thresher shark post using the hashtags #SAVEThresherTala #STOPThresherHunt #PHsayYES
Be part of the movement because if the proposal passes, all trades in thresher sharks would be required to be sustainable. Of course, their future is also our future so might as well we do our part on making sure that our future would be shining brightly and can sustain our needs.

When I signed there are already 3,843 supporters and we still need more – looking forward to reach for 10,000! Share your support by sharing this campaign ( on your social media.

So, ladies and gents! I know we love being beautiful and taking good care of ourselves but please also have a concern on our environment because being concern and aware of what’s happening around you could bring a lot of differences and making a better place to live in. Happy weekend!

Always remember, dreams do come true! Explore. Discover. Learn.
Pack your things and book your discounted accommodation! Have a great day!
Xoxo, Ay

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